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Streamer IShowSpeed appeared to be hit by a bloke while watching the FA Cup final yesterday, with his security quickly stepping in to help out.

The American internet star, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, was at Wembley Stadium yesterday to see Manchester City take on Manchester United in a game that would go on to result in a 2-1 win for City.

United fan Watkins was streaming while at FA Cup final match, meaning the incident was caught on camera.

Things didn’t get off to a great start for Watkins after his team went one-nil down after just 13 seconds - a new FA Cup final record - thanks to a goal from Ilkay Gundogan.

IShowSpeed appeared to be hit during the FA Cup Final.

However, things got worse for the YouTuber with footage showing him talking into the camera when he appears to be punched by someone off-camera.

After being jolted backwards, Watkins can be heard to say: “What the f***?' as his security staff launched himself forward towards the man, almost falling in the process.

While the two appear to grapple with each other, Watkins says: “Why'd he just f****** punch me bro? Why'd he put his hands on me bro? I didn't even touch him!”

By the time the clip ends, the man can be seen being restrained by security and other fans.

In an update, Watkins said the incident had meant he had to stop live streaming.

"Shoutout to the FA and my team for letting me come to the FA Cup final and enjoy myself. See my favourite club in England, Manchester United play. But there was an incident that happened in the stream.

The US streamer's security quickly stepped in.

"I can't continue to stream because there's been an incident and I got contacted that I can't continue to stream. So guys, I love you all so much, let's hope that United win this game and I appreciate everybody who was on the stream."

However, Watkins did later address what happened on Twitter saying that he was ‘able to forgive’ the man.

Sharing a snap of himself and what appeared to be the man from the video, he wrote: “What happened today ain’t cool, but I’m able to forgive. We cool.

“Big love to the FA and Wembley security for looking after me. Insane atmosphere today.

“Manchester till I die.”

Despite equalising when Bruno Fernandes scored a penalty, City went 2-1 ahead after Gundogan scored just six minutes into the second half.

Featured Image Credit: IShowSpeed

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