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Italian grandmother is disgusted after tasting Starbucks coffee for the first time

Italian grandmother is disgusted after tasting Starbucks coffee for the first time

The fiery nonna claimed the drink was too sugary, before slamming it as a 'four'.

An Italian nonna has rinsed Starbucks, labelling their coffee as ‘too sweet’ before giving it a 'four'.

The hilarious TikTok shows Nonna Finna trying the famous coffee chain house’s caramel macchiato for the first time.

But upon taking her first sip, it doesn’t take long for the nonna to unveil how she really feels about the popular hot beverage.

“No, I don’t like it,” she says while scrunching her face.

“It doesn’t taste [like] coffee at all. It’s too sweet! You don’t need that much sugar in coffee!”

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But nonna Finna doesn’t stop there.

She adds: “It’s junk coffee. For me, it’s rubbish, I’m sorry.”

I mean, if you hail from the land of espresso, your standards have to be high. I bet she would’ve even bat an eye if George Clooney himself brewed a piping hot batch.

After trying the drink, Maddie alerts her grandmother that the drink is $5.

To which the sassy elderly woman responds: “$5?! Even if you give it to me for free, I’d say thank you very much. I'll give you another $5 if you drink it.”

Nonna Finna proceeds to rate the drink out of 10, slamming it as a 'four'.

Users were left in stitches over the scathing review, as one person wrote: “I think this may be her lowest rating yet hahahah bless.”

Another said: “Nonna is now on The Blacklist at Starbucks she's not good for business making people realise that they are poisoning us with sugar.”

A third person commented: “Starbucks definitely overrated.”

While another wrote: “Nonna has never spoken a truer word - Starbucks I tried for 1st time this year - I’m 54 and I never have again even if I starve I won’t have it again.”

Similarly, in another video, the granddaughter attempted to prank her grandmother by feeding her tinned spaghetti she claimed to slow cook for three hours.

However, as soon as nonna Finna smells the dish, she asks her granddaughter: “Mamamia! Madeline, what you put in here?”

She adds: “Is that from the tin?”

To which Maddie responds: “No, no, no, I made that.”

But as soon as the fiery Italian takes one bite, she abruptly slams the dish down before telling her granddaughter: “You think I am a dog?”

Never get between an Italian and their pasta.

Featured Image Credit: mynonnafina / TikTok.

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