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Jason Momoa throws his support behind the Yes vote for The Voice referendum

Jason Momoa throws his support behind the Yes vote for The Voice referendum

However, some fans have told him to stick to acting and stay out of Australian politics.

Jason Momoa has become an unlikely supporter of the Yes vote for The Voice to Parliament referendum.

In a little more than a week, Australians will head to the polls to decide whether First Nations people should be recognised in the Constitution and have an advisory body set up to help consult the government on issues they face.

The Aquaman star shared a video made by Australian filmmaker Nash Edgerton that features Indigenous musician and writer Adam Briggs and comedians Jenna Owen and Vic Zerbst.

The clip was initially posted by Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi and Momoa has helped amplify the message by uploading it on his own Instagram account.

He wrote: "#yes23 is a referendum taking place in Australia on October 14.

"The aim is to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people a voice in parliament so they can weigh in on issues that affect their lives.

"Simple as that.

"How do I know this? I Googled it. But many Australians are confused or freaked out about what it means.

"Don’t be! It’s a good thing! Just do good things! Also Google it ya lazy mongrels."

While he was doing his bit to highlight the upcoming referendum, some of his fans weren't happy with him wading into Australian politics.

One follower wrote: "Stay in your lane Jason. You're an actor, you do not need a position on this."

Another added: "Dude, love your acting but stay out of Australian politics."

But others praised him for throwing his huge support to the issue.

James D. Morgan/Getty Images

One said: "Thank you. The Uluru Statement was the result of consultation with Aboriginal people all over Australia. They asked to be heard. It’s so very simple."

Another added: "Thank you for sharing @prideofgypsies as a proud Indigenous man I believe a YES vote will keep the conversation going in our country and hopefully moving towards a bright and inclusive future for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people."

In simple terms, a Voice to Parliament is a proposed representative body of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be preserved in the constitution, which would enable a selection of Australia’s First Nations people to act as advisors to parliament on policies and projects that impact their lives.

The push for this Voice is being fought for by a campaign known as From The Heart.

The referendum will be held on October 14 and it will pose the question: Do you support an alteration to the constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander voice?

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