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Jeffery Epstein's Former Housekeeper Reveals List Of 'Degrading' Rules Staff Were Made To Follow By Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffery Epstein's Former Housekeeper Reveals List Of 'Degrading' Rules Staff Were Made To Follow By Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's former housekeeper Juan Alessi was told to "See nothing, Say nothing."

Warning: This article contains details that some readers may find upsetting

Jeffery Epstein’s former housekeeper has taken the stand on the fourth day of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial and has revealed how he and other staff members would live under a booklet of 'degrading' rules.

Juan Alessi, the man in question, worked for the convicted sex offender and the accused at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion between 1990 and December 2002.  

Upon questioning by the prosecutor, Alessi described the working culture in the Palm Beach mansion, which included a 58-page booklet on how to behave - something the housekeeper recalled as being 'degrading'.

The booklet, which was submitted into evidence, was released today showing the strict rules staff members were told to follow.

Included were the orders: “Unobtrusive is the key”, “SMILE!”, “NEVER disclose Mr. Epstein or Ms. Maxwell's activities or whereabouts to anyone” and “See nothing. Say nothing.” 

According to their decade-long serving housekeeper, Maxwell also told her staff to never look Epstein in the eyes and to answer questions he asked looking away from him.  

Staff were reportedly not allowed to eat or drink in front of Maxwell, as well as wear 'strong perfume' or 'aftershave lotion'.


He also revealed that he drove and collected a young girl from school and brought her to Maxwell in 1994.  

He then alleged that Maxwell instructed him to regularly drive her to visit Epstein’s house. 

The jury heard Alessi say that the girl seemed '14 or 15' and was 'strikingly beautiful'. She was later identified as ‘Jane’ - the pseudonym for one of the women who has accused Epstein of years of sexual abuse.  

‘Jane’ also testified that Maxwell was sometimes present during her abuse and participated in the sex acts. 

Detailing his further recollection of ‘Jane’, Alessi said he remembers driving her to a plane that both Maxwell and Epstein were on and watching all 3 of them board.  

Alessi also remembered seeing her name and contact information on a directory for massage therapists in Palm Beach. 


In a 2005 interview with Palm Beach police, Alessi admitted he washed a variety of sex toys, including a long rubber penis, after a young girl visited Epstein for a ‘massage’. 

He would also re-make the bed after every ‘massage’ Epstein had which, according to Alessi’s trial testimony, occurred three times a day towards the end of his employment and were scheduled by Maxwell.  

On the timings of the supposed massages, the now 72-year-old stated: “It was at all times. Massages in the morning, massages in the afternoon, some massages after dinner, after the movies. They were 10, 11 o'clock at night.” 

Alessi also testified that he saw Virginia Roberts, another woman who accused the deceased convicted pedophile of sexual abuse when she was a child, regularly at Epstein’s house.  

He alleged that sometimes Roberts would arrive with her boyfriend, but Maxwell instructed him to wait in the car.

Alessi also revealed that he drove Roberts to a plane, which she then boarded with Epstein and Maxwell.  

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty, but if convicted on all counts, she could be sentenced to up to 80 years in prison.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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