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Jesse Lingard slammed for showing off dogs with 'mutilated' ears

Jesse Lingard slammed for showing off dogs with 'mutilated' ears

The footballer has been condemned on social media for showing off the 'mutilated dogs'

Jesse Lingard has been heavily criticised on social media after he shared pictures and videos of his 'mutilated' dogs. Watch here:

The Nottingham Forest footballer posed with his hounds - Creed and Cash - with his post amassing 124,000 likes; however, he was also condemned by dog lovers.

The 29-year-old was accused of animal cruelty over the dogs' cropped ears.

Commenting on the post shared with his 9.7 million Insta followers, vet Rory Cowlam wrote: "Jesse, do you understand the issues with these dogs?

"The reason you're getting so many negative comments here is because these dogs have been mutilated! Ear cropping is an abhorrent practice, done simply for looks and is an incredibly painful surgical procedure with months of splinting too.

"I would love you to turn around and use your platform to educate people on why this is wrong, and understand that it is illegal in the UK for a very good reason!"

Lingard has been accused of animal cruelty.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Vet Sean McCormack added: "Why on earth did you buy these dogs when they've been mutilated by having their ears and tails chopped off? And where did you buy them?

"This practice of cosmetic surgery serves no purpose for the dog and is entirely an image thing to make so called 'protection dogs' look tough. It really gives their new owner some serious small dick energy vibes I must admit.

"It's illegal in the UK because it's cruel so if they were done here that's illegal, and if you bought them as imports from abroad you should be ashamed of yourself.

"The government will soon be banning this to prevent puppies having their ears chopped off here behind closed doors for fashion. I'd like to hear what you have to say to you followers and the public about why you condone animal cruelty, where these dogs came from, and where they were cropped and docked?"

Another added: "Mutilated dogs. What a thing to be proud of.

"It's an absolute disgrace to be parading around either illegally mutilated or deliberately imported cropped dogs to get around the ban. This is shameful."

And a fourth wrote: "You have a responsibility as a public figure to not support or condone animal cruelty. Which is exactly what you are doing with this post.

"I am amazed the team around you have let you make such a monumental PR mistake.

"Now you have taken on the responsibility for these dogs, don't abandon them like other ‘celebs’ but you must come out with a public statement and never, ever feature them on your pages again."

LADbible has contacted Lingard's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jesse Lingard

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