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Jet Ordered To Ukraine To Collect 20 Sick Children To Be Flown To Britain For Life-Saving Cancer Treatment

Jet Ordered To Ukraine To Collect 20 Sick Children To Be Flown To Britain For Life-Saving Cancer Treatment

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has revealed that a plane is being sent to Ukraine to pick up 20 children with cancer for treatment in Britain

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has reportedly ordered a plane to be sent to Ukraine to pick up 20 children with cancer for life-saving treatment in Britain.

Despite how Russian President Vladimir Putin initially stated that civilians would be spared as he sent troops across the border on Thursday (24 February), a 'direct attack' took place on a maternity and children's hospital in Mariupol yesterday (9 March).

While the number of casualties is yet to be confirmed, with at least 17 people suspected as having sustained injuries in the attack, the number of fatalities is stated by the city's deputy mayor as totalling three people, including a child.

British ministers have since ramped up efforts to try and aid children and their families by evacuating them to the UK where they can be 'looked after and receive NHS treatment'.

Refugees from Mariupol in temporary accommodation.

The plan to fly a plane to the Eastern European country to pick up 20 children who have cancer was reportedly signed off by Javid yesterday, The Sun reports.

A health source stated: "We are urgently making plans to evacuate a number of children and their families to the UK where they will be looked after and receive NHS treatment for their conditions."

A spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care told LADbible: "We are working extremely closely with our international partners and the Ukrainian Health Ministry to provide life-saving medical support to Ukrainians in desperate need.

"The UK has already provided over 650,000 medicines and medical items such as wound packs and intensive care equipment, deployed a humanitarian team to the region, and is exploring further options to stand with our Ukrainian friends."

In a tweet, Javid reflected: "Already at least 16 health facilities have been verifiably attacked by Russian forces.

“I don’t believe most Russian people would support these war crimes against their Ukrainian neighbours - no wonder Putin tries to hide behind propaganda.”

While the chartered plane's departure is set to be organised fully in the forthcoming days, the UK has also sent over 500,000 medical supplies to Ukraine.

The supplies include intensive care equipment, wound packs and vital medicine.

Despite how NATO resolved that it would not enforce a no-fly zone above the country or send troops in on the ground over fears of the invasion turning into a 'full-fledged war in Europe,' the alliance stated its plans to continue strengthening its forces in other areas of Eastern Europe, such as Bosnia, Herzegovina and Georgia.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has since branded Russia's attack on the hospital as 'the ultimate proof of genocide against Ukrainians'.

His words have also been echoed by a captured Russian commander, who revealed how the Kremlin has lied to its army. He also opened up about the 'shame' he feels for his involvement in the invasion.

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information 

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