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Disturbing moment presenters laugh when Jimmy Savile tells them his dream job

Disturbing moment presenters laugh when Jimmy Savile tells them his dream job

Jimmy Savile hid in plain sight, often making jokes about his secret criminal life

Yet more harrowing footage has re-emerged showing Jimmy Savile hinting towards the crimes that he was never convicted of during his life, this time on a TV show whilst the presenters laugh along with him.

Savile was found to have abused hundreds of adults and children throughout his career after his death, and in recent times his abhorrent crimes have been turned into a docudrama starring Steve Coogan called The Reckoning.

Made with input from his victims as well as extensive research into the former BBC TV and radio presenter, the show tells a partially-fictionalised account of Savile’s life, as well as highlighting real claims from those who suffered at his hands.

Since that drama came out, many different videos have emerged showing how Savile hid in plain sight and often hinted towards his sick second life as a predator and abuser.

In this case, Savile was talking about his 'dream job' that he wanted to take up after finishing his broadcasting career.

Savile often made remarks hinting at his secret life.

“I’m looking forward to getting a job when I’m 65,” Savile told the two presenters.

“I’m going to be – maybe – a caretaker in a girls’ school or something like that,” he continued.

The two presenters laughed, presumably thinking that the Top of the Pops host was joking.

Obviously, we know now that he absolutely wasn’t joking.

All of the clips and videos that have emerged recently showing Savile barely concealing his desires, and – on occasion – seemingly attempting to push the boundaries of what he could get away with, are horrifying to watch with the knowledge that we now have.

“Hidden in plain sight,” wrote one commenter, while another comment said: “They all knew. Shielded as he was in the inner circle of the establishment.

“More than him that were at these parties and looked after and protected.”

“The red flags were all waving,” wrote a third person.

As one person rightly pointed out, however, Savile was a ‘master manipulator’, and whilst there may have been some who knew or suspected the truth and did nothing, there are equally those who would have had no idea, or simply not believed it possible.

The presenter was never brought to justice during his life.

For many, that’s the most terrifying thing about the whole story.

As one comment stated: “He gave me the creeps back then cause of the way he spoke didn’t feel comfortable listening to him so just switched over.”

“At that time, no-one knows, try now [with] what we know,” said another.

If you want to catch the docudrama about Jimmy Savile starring Steve Coogan, all four episodes of The Reckoning can be watched on BBC iPlayer now, and the last episode will be broadcast at 9pm this evening on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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