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Drug lord husband of ex Met police officer who claimed she was 'unaware' jailed for 18 years

Drug lord husband of ex Met police officer who claimed she was 'unaware' jailed for 18 years

He was jailed alongside associate Daniel McNeil-Duncan

A drugs kingpin, who was married to a Metropolitan Police officer, has been jailed for 18-years for selling vast quantities of cocaine.

Julian Agalliu, 47, used EncroChat - an encrypted chat app that was found to be used by numerous criminals until it was taken down by international law enforcement in 2020 - to make drug deals.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) discovered messages from Albanian Agalliu referring to 100kg cocaine parcels, stamped with the logo of the luxury brand Hublot.

Prosecutor William Davis said: “They thought their communications were encrypted, so secure and police would never be able to read them. As a result, they were somewhat careless with messages they sent to each other.”


Jurors at Woolwich Crown Court were also told that when he was arrested at his home in Hadley Wood, north London, officers found cocaine and £27,000 in cash on the premises.

Agalliu was convicted by a jury of supplying class A and class B, while his associate Daniel McNeil-Duncan, 37, was given a 17-year sentence after pleading guilty to two charges of conspiracy to supply drugs midway through their trial.

Agalliu’s wife, former Met PC Rasvinder Agalliu, 45, denied knowing anything about her husband’s criminal activities and was not hit with any criminal charges in relation to her husband.

However, she was fired from the force last December following a tribunal.

The PC, who worked for the police for 15 years, told the tribunal she believed his money came from his job as a chef for professional footballers.

Rasvinder Agalliu had worked as a PC in the Metropolitan Police.

“Her husband would earn between £1,000 and £4,000 a week for his work as a private chef working in footballers’ homes”, the tribunal said, of PC Agalliu’s evidence.

“He would work weekends and sometimes after training he would go to their houses to cook. He was paid in cash.”

The ruling continued: “She said she questioned how much her husband was getting from footballers and parties but was told to shut up and stay out of it and it was none of her business. It was put to her that they were living beyond their means. She said it was not her doing this, it was him.”

But the tribunal found, ‘Mr Agalliu in our view was not hiding his drug use within the home. There were drugs and the means to supply them clearly evident in her home and we are satisfied she knew they were there’.

Featured Image Credit: Albanian Julian Agalliu/Rasvinder Agalliu/Facebook

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