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Terrifying moment inmate stalks prison officer and launches knife attack in attempted murder plot

Terrifying moment inmate stalks prison officer and launches knife attack in attempted murder plot

Inmate Kevin Jones was seen lunging at a prison officer with a knife

Terrifying footage has been released showing the moment an inmate stalked a prison officer before trying to stab him with a knife.

Kevin Jones was arrested following his violent and unprovoked attack on the unnamed officer at HMP Bullingdon near Bicester back in July 2021.

Horrific CCTV footage shows the 41-year-old creeping up behind two guards along the landing of a wing at the prison as they escort another prisoner to his cell on the Blackthorn Unit.

As the first officer walks through a doorway, Jones is then seen pulling a sharpened plastic knife out of his pocket as he approaches the second guard.

Jones then pounces on the 28-year-old as he tries to plunge the blade into his neck.

The inmate lunged at the prison guard.
Thames Valley Police

Luckily, however, the officer manages to spot the inmate coming for him and is able to adjust himself and avoid the knife.

Jones is eventually tackled to the ground, where he's restrained by several guards.

Following the incident, he was then moved to segregation.

According to reports, Jones was out for revenge, having harboured a grudge against the guard.

He even told police at the time that he was trying to kill the officer.

And Jones has now been sentenced to 14 years after he pleaded guilty to attempted murder and unauthorised possession in prison of a knife or offensive weapon.

Speaking after the sentencing on 25 May, PC Andrew Gold from the Prison Crime Team said attacks and attempts to intimidate prison officers would not be tolerated.

He told the media that it was just fortunate this time round that the guard was aware of his surroundings and ready to act when Jones made his attack.

Kevin Jones was sentenced to 14 years for attempted murder.
Thames Valley Police

"This was a very serious and unprovoked attack on a prison officer in the course of his duties," said PC Gold.

"This is something Thames Valley Police simply will not tolerate and will always seek to bring offenders before the courts.

"Had the victim not been so alert as to the danger he was in and avoid the attack, the outcome could have been very different.

"Fortunately, the victim did not receive any physical injuries but he has suffered mentally, such as stress and anxiety, which has affected both his professional and personal lives.

"I am very pleased that the courts recognised the significant threat posed by Jones, and imposed a substantial custodial sentence."

Featured Image Credit: Thames Valley Police

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