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Kia Just Dropped 2024's Best Ad, With An Iconic Lineup Of Aussie Sporting Legends

Kia Just Dropped 2024's Best Ad, With An Iconic Lineup Of Aussie Sporting Legends

20 Legends. 1 Kia Ute

If there are three things every Aussie loves it’s sports, utes, and of course, a great commercial that perfectly captures the Australian spirit. Somehow Kia has brought all three together in anticipation for their very first ute. Not to mention it all goes down in the most true blue fashion — at the local.

From award-winning rugby league player Alfie Langer, to Jessica Watson — the youngest person to sail around the world unassisted and alone — the new Kia ad is packed with the best and brightest sporting legends to figure out what the new ute should be called.

Steve Waugh kicks us off, declaring it should be called ‘the Kia Tugga’ after himself. Buddy Franklin then chimes in to mock Waugh, saying “I don’t remember you kicking a thousand” and counters his offer with, “the Kia Buddy”.

Then, more sporting superstars join the conversation — John Aloisi claiming that “a name that really qualifies” would be the Kia Aloisi, to which iconic Tillies shot stopper McKenzie Arnold replies that “the Kia Macca might be a bit more… contemporary.”

Then the epic lineup of Aussie sports royalty begin to pipe up, offering their own suggestions for what the ute should be called (naturally, naming it after themselves). They also wonder if they’ll receive a discount based on their unbelievable efforts and various achievements — including Australian Of The Year and Clive Churchill medal winners, and Hall Of Famers.

As the destined-to-be-legendary ad comes to an end, we’re reminded of the most important factor — Kia is getting a ute. But we still don’t know the name, so join us on the edge of our seats while we wait to see who’s earned the privilege.

With an ad like this, we know it’s gonna be bloody good. Watch it for yourself and see how many Aussie icons you can spot (shoutout to the Schnitty).

Full list of Aussie sporting legends in order of appearance:

Steve Waugh (Cricket)

Buddy Franklin (AFL)

John Aloisi (Soccer)

McKenzie Arnold (Soccer)

Alex Volkanovski (UFC)

Wendell Sailor (Rugby)

Ash Barty (Tennis / Cricket)

Dylan Alcott (Tennis)

Darren Lockyer (Rugby)

Dermott Brereton (AFL)

Alfie Langer (Rugby)

Jessica Watson (Sailing)

Adam Reynolds (Rugby)

Patrick Carrigan (Rugby)

Ali Brigginshaw (Rugby)

Scott Sattler (Rugby)

David Boon (Cricket)

Damien Oliver (Racing)

Mark Occhilupo (Surfing)

Kerry O'Keeffe (Cricket)

Featured Image Credit: Supplied: Kia

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