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Toddler Spends £1,500 On His Mum's Phone Without Her Realising

Toddler Spends £1,500 On His Mum's Phone Without Her Realising

The youngster went on a spending spree at Walmart

An adorable toddler managed to spend a whopping £1,500 after picking up his mum’s phone and going on a shopping spree. 

Madhu Kumar, from New Jersey in the US, was shocked to discover that her son Ayaansh Kumar, who isn’t even two-years-old yet, had somehow ordered almost $2,000 (£1,483) worth of furniture from Walmart. 

The mum had set up a shopping cart with some items she needed, but never got around to check it out - but when items started to arrive at her home this week, some too big to even fit through the door, she asked her husband and older kids if they had any idea where they had come from. 

NBC New York

However, it turned out to be her youngest child who had not only ordered the items, including flower stands and chairs, but had even ordered more than one of some of the products.

Speaking to NBC New York Madhu said: "He’s so little, he’s so cute, we were laughing that he ordered all this stuff." 

But she’s not mad about all his purchases, and has admitted that some of the items he bought were useful. 

She added: "It is really hard to believe that he has done this, but that’s what happened. I need one or two [items], why would we need four?" Fair point, but in the little fella’s defence, he is only 22-months old. 

Since Ayaansh’s online splurge, Madhu has vowed to introduce stricter controls on her phone. 

Dad Pramod said: "Moving forward, we will put tough passcodes or face recognition so when he picks up the phone he finds it in locked condition.”

NBC New York

 Ayaansh showed off his skills once again, this time on a phone belonging to a reporter from NBC New York, with the youngster closing the calendar app, sending an email to the reporter’s mum and have a quick skim through to their contact. This kid is going places. 

The couple say they will wait until all their new gear arrives before returning them to their local Walmart, where they’ve been told they will get a full refund. 

However, they may keep a hold of a couple of the things Ayaansh bought as a little reminder of their son’s first online shopping experience.

Featured Image Credit: NBC New York

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