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Network Rail issues warning after two kids are shockingly filmed throwing bike onto train track

Network Rail issues warning after two kids are shockingly filmed throwing bike onto train track

The footage from Cross Gates Station in Leeds showed two youngster throwing a bike onto the train tracks

Network Rail has issued a warning after two kids were caught on film throwing a bike onto a train track, saying the ‘shocking’ footage should serve as a ‘wake up call to parents’. Watch the clip here: 

CCTV cameras at Cross Gates station in Leeds captured the moment two youngsters threw a pedal bike onto the tracks, which Network Rail said created a ‘clearly dangerous obstruction’ and posed a risk not only to the duo in the video, but also others passing through the station. 

Vicki Beadle, Operations Risk Advisor for Network Rail, said: “I was astounded to see this reckless, irresponsible behaviour so close to the tracks at Cross Gates station. The railway is no place for games, and it certainly isn’t a playground. 

The first person initially placed the bike on the edge of the platform.
Network Rail

“Seeing these young people put their lives at risk was a staggering reminder of our collective need to educate everybody about railway safety. I’d urge parents and carers to speak to their children about the devastating consequences of trespass, vandalism and antisocial behaviour.” 

The clip shows the first youngster approaching the tracks with a bike, placing it on the very edge of the platform so that the front wheel overhangs onto the railway line. 

A second person then arrives and picks the bike up, before throwing it onto the tracks and running away. 

According to Network Rail, it comes as new figures reveal young people are involved in more than half of incidents at the Yorkshire station – responsible for six in 11 incidents reported in the last year. 

The second youngster then threw the bike onto the tracks.
Network Rail

The railway company said trespass, vandalism and antisocial behaviour at Cross Gates had also resulted in ‘more than 300 minutes of train delay’. 

“That’s because when objects or people are spotted too close to the tracks, Network Rail stops or slows down all trains in the area,” it said in a press release

“This can cause knock-on delays right across the network. 

“It can be hugely expensive for taxpayers too, with the same type of careless actions at Cross Gates station alone costing the company £20,000 in the past year.” 

The two ran off but the whole incident was captured on CCTV.
Network Rail

Sgt Rob Pile, British Transport Police, added: "This shocking footage should act as a wake up call to parents - we need them to talk to their children and teenagers urgently about the dangers of the railway and the impact of reckless behaviour like this. 

"Apart from the obvious danger to themselves, placing items on the tracks can potentially cause a derailment and result in serious injury and potential loss of life to passengers and rail staff. 

"We have increased patrols in the area in a bid to deter behaviour like this. Those responsible should know they will be caught and face prosecution. 

"You can help us by texting 61016 or calling us on 0800 405040 to report any incidents." 

Featured Image Credit: Network Rail

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