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Kim Kardashian Deletes Instagram Photo After Being Accused Of Photoshop Blunder

Kim Kardashian Deletes Instagram Photo After Being Accused Of Photoshop Blunder

The influencer is known for her curves, but fans were convinced something wasn't right

Another day, another alleged Kardashian photoshop fail.

This time around, it appears as if Kim (or a member of her team) may have given away the editing game on one of her legs.

The 41-year-old recently posted a series of beach snaps with the ever so clever caption: "Long time no sea."

However, fans of the mega influencer thought they could 'sea' something up with her leg.

Of course, Kim is known for her curves, but one on her leg seemed oddly out of place, and people were quick to point out the apparent mishap.

Does that leg really look like that?
Instagram/Kim Kardashian

One wrote: "I'd love to see the pap shots of this, not her photoshopped pics."

Another commented: "It's the shadow for me."

A third said: "Her leg in that last photo."

Another added: "kim ily but is ur leg ok"

We'll probably never know whether she or somebody else photoshopped the pic, but the fact it has now been taken down probably says it all.

I mean, we should probably talk about the fact she's wearing gloves to the beach too, but we can save that for another day.

The Kardashians may have become household names through their reality TV show, but people regularly question whether what we see in their Insta photos is real.

Just last week, Kim's sister Khloe was accused of a photoshop fail after she appeared to have a disproportionately massive hand.

It could have just been a bit of accidental camera trickery or it could have been another botched photoshop job.

Some people certainly though it was the latter and accused her or someone on her team of digitally editing her hand to make it appear longer (for whatever reason; is that a thing?).

One person wrote: "If we play thumb war you definitely winning."

Another said: "If you go back and look at her Christmas pics her hand doesn't look that long!! This only happens when you edit your photo to get a longer slimmer frame! Which I don't know why she would do that, she already looks good!"

Another commenter compared her to Freddie Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, someone else likened her finger to E.T.'s, and a different user said it was like Edward Scissorhands.

That's the internet for ya.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

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