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King Charles loses temper over pen again

King Charles loses temper over pen again

The new King Charles III got frustrated at a pen yet again

It seems that even The Royals can get frustrated with inanimate objects and King Charles III is clearly not exempt from the mutually-shared feeling.

At a recent signing ceremony, the former Prince of Wales can be seen growing in aggravation at a faulty piece of stationary - and this isn't the first time.

The anger first began to bubble during a signing ceremony at Northern Ireland's Hillsborough Castle when Charles both wrote the wrong date down in error alongside having a pen somewhat explode on him.

The video shows both Charles and Camilla sitting and at a table presented with documents surrounded by a small crowd of staff.

"Is it September 12th?" the 73-year-old asked.

"13th, sir," one of his aides promptly responded.

To which the newly-appointed monarch reacted: "Oh God, I've put the wrong date down," before confirming yet again which the correct date was, "Thirteen?"

The first clip of Charles' stationary frustration went viral.

"Yes, sir," the aide confirmed.

"You signed the 12th earlier," another aide reminded the King.

After some unintelligible mumbling, King Charles got up from his seat declaring: "Oh God, I hate this."

Queen Consort, Camilla, then chips into the shenanigans.

"Oh look, it's going everywhere, hang on," the Consort told her husband referring to the, now inky, pen.

After staff rush to the pair's service, Charles brushes himself off before announcing one last annoyance at the stationary.

"I can't bear this bloody thing!" he began his tirade.

"What they do, every stinking time!" the monarch concluded.

King Charles and Queen Camila.
Abaca Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Camilla then took her place on the seat and signed the documents after Charles had stormed out of the room.

This is now the second recent example of King Charles losing his temper over a pen.

During his proclamation, where he formally proclaimed proclaimed the nation’s new sovereign, King Charles held his first Privy Council meeting, where he sat to sign official declarations. 

Upon realising that he was slightly pressed for space on his table - the newly-proclaimed King didn't hold back on showing his irritation.

Presented with two, very large, documents on a table that just about fit one, Charles attempted to move on to the latter after signing the first – only to find there was a pesky pen tray was in his way.

Gesturing to a staff member to remove the item, an aide's hand quickly removed the pen tray to give Charles more space on the table.

The reaction since went viral with many Twitter users flocking to share their thoughts on Charles' gesturing.

One person wrote: "Why did Charles make such a weird gesture for them to remove his pen case, could he not just pass it and say 'could you remove this please?!' Lifetime of servants does that to you I guess."

Another picked up on the shambolic nature of the incident posting: "They should have rehearsed for this proclamation King Charles wasn’t impressed with that pen holder thing being in his way," alongside a laughing emoji.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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