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Lads Capsize Pedalo On Holiday And Lose All Their Possessions

Lads Capsize Pedalo On Holiday And Lose All Their Possessions

One unlucky bunch of lads lost everything when they capsized their pedalo while on holiday.

One unlucky group of lads just had everyone's worst nightmare after losing all their possessions after their pedalo capsized.

Posting their bad luck to TikTok, their video shows them mucking about on a pedalo boat just off the coast of Portugal.

It's all fun and games at first, as they're having a great time basking in the sunshine and playing music.

Disaster strikes when one of them pulls off an admittedly impressive backflip into the water, while another member of the group is hanging off the other side of the boat.

The sudden shift in weight starts tipping the pedalo and in a couple of seconds it's been flipped over, toppling everyone and everything into the sea.

The trouble begins when one lad backflips off the boat, unbalancing it.

In the footage, one of them can be heard shouting: "Mate, it's the bag, it's the bag! It's got everything in it, mate!"

Sadly, it seems as though the bag sunk down into the watery depths as the video was captioned 'capsized a pedalo… speakers, phones and wallets lost to the atlantic'.

Considering how much they lost to the sea it's no wonder the video says it'll be their 'first and last time renting out a pedalo'.

As far as holiday mishaps go it's among the worst, as being stuck abroad with no money or phone is a really scary prospect.

It's even worse than the man who opened his luggage to find his clothes had mysteriously been shredded.

We're still not sure what happened there, but luckily in the case of the capsized pedalo, we do have some clear footage to shed light on things.

The capsized boat left the lads possessions sinking to the bottom of the sea.

If you are on holiday and end up losing your wallet and phone, whether it be through unfortunate pedalo-related incident or otherwise, then chances are you'll be stuck abroad without means of getting home.

Should that happen, the best thing you can do is get in touch with the your nation's embassy in the country you're visiting and get them to help you out.

Plus, it's always handy to keep a stash of cash back at the hotel room while on holiday so you always have an emergency reserve should the worst happen.

Once you can get access to a phone it's always a good idea to get onto your bank and have them cancel any cards which have been lost.

Then again, unless fish have learned how to use a debit card, these lads are probably pretty safe from anyone taking advantage of their lost wallets.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rob.gallotta

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