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The Wire and John Wick star Lance Reddick has died aged 60

The Wire and John Wick star Lance Reddick has died aged 60

The famous actor has passed away at 60 years old

Beloved actor Lance Reddick has died at just 60 years old.

Reddick was best known for his work on John Wick and The Wire.

In a statement to the BBC, his publicist Mia Hansen said: "Lance will be greatly missed.

"Please respect his family's privacy at this time."


Reddick was hailed as one of Hollywood's finest, with an impressive filmography and portfolio of work attesting to his powerful performances.

The late star played the character of Charon in all four John Wick films alongside portraying Cedric Daniels - a series regular on The Wire.

Alongside these iconic roles, Reddick also took on the role of Phillip Broyles in Fringe and Chief Irvin Irving in Bosch.

While the star first started his introduction into the biz back in the mid 1990s, making an appearance on various television series like The Nanny and New York Undercover - his big break came alongside the role that sky-rocketed him to fame came in 2008.

You guessed it - The Wire.

Created and primarily written by author and former police reporter, David Simon, the premise for the drama follows Detective James McNulty (Dominic West) and his team in the city of Baltimore.


The detectives work hard to investigate crimes and try their best to solve the bridge that exists between the drug kingpins and the law enforcement agencies.

While it's true that the show was not necessarily an instant success, the series has since been heralded as one of the most 'acclaimed and influential' of the 21st century.

The series spanned for six whole years - between 2002 all the way through to 2008.

Reddick's character, Cedric, appeared in all 60 episodes of the show.

Now that's impressive.

His character is a force to be reckoned with within the Baltimore Police Department.

Starting off as just a lieutenant, viewers can watch Cedric's character grow and evolve as he is then promoted to major and then to commissioner during the show's five-season run.

Lionsgate Films

Fans of the star have since sent share their condolences.

One Twitter user wrote: "Rest in peace to a an immensely talented man."

A second added: "Rest in peace to Lance Reddick, an incredible actor with an amazing body of work.

"He lent his amazing and unique voice, both literally and artistically, to many different projects and characters over his career."

"RIP Lance Reddick," wrote a third, "one of my favourite actors."

"Always gave the performance of his life in anything he was in from John Wick to The Wire to Fringe. He will be dearly missed."

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