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Fuming landlord absolutely flips out at renter who keeps underpaying him by one cent

Fuming landlord absolutely flips out at renter who keeps underpaying him by one cent

A seething property owner has taken to Facebook to complain about one cheeky tenant.

A landlord reveals they’re losing their 'sanity' as their tenant keeps underpaying them by one cent.

Yes, one read that correctly.

A seething man has taken to a Facebook group where landlords seek advice to complain about one cheeky tenant.

They claimed that the person was having a laugh at his ‘expense’.

“The property is a three bedder that my family used to reside in but that we’ve rented out for the last four years,” they wrote, according to News Corp.

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“I rent direct to him and there have not been any major issues in the past.”

However, things took a turn when the tenant began underpaying by one cent - something that has clearly rattled the owner.

“I let it slide for the first few times but my wife suggest[ed] I send him an email asking if he could correct it,” the landlord explained.

“Obviously I’m not renewing with him, but what can I do for the nine months that remain to maintain my sanity?”

Even if he evicts him, apparently, this guy will continue to live rent-free in their head..

The landlord also attached a response from the tenant after they demanded the rent be paid in full.

In the letter, the renter referenced the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website explaining the rounding of transactions and claimed they were allowed to pay AUD $1,199.9 instead of $1,200.

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“[This] clearly states that the amount is rounded to the $1,200 due and as such I consider the rent to be paid on time and in full,” they wrote.

However, according to the ACCC website, the renter misinterpreted the guidelines as it states rounding up or down can only be applied with small change transactions.

For example, one and two cents can be rounded down to the nearest 10, while three and four cents can be rounded up to the nearest five.

The tenant proceeded to add these guidelines regarding rounding principles - again, not applicable to them as this only deals with small transactions.

They continued: “I request that you do not contact me about this again.”

The renter also added a list of 'repairs' that needed to be fixed, including a squeaky laundry cupboard door, kitchen tap pressure and an air conditioner that rattles too much.

We have a feeling this won’t be the last email sent their way.

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