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A landscaper has taken a fitting revenge after a customer didn't properly look after some turf they had put down.

Looking after plants can be difficult - you can do everything they need, only for them to wither away anyway. It's pretty heartbreaking, to be honest, but we've all been there.

However, the least you can do is follow the instructions and advice from people who know what they're on about.

Well, according to one landscaper, a customer did not follow their instructions, which had disastrous consequences for their turf.


TikToker Katelyyn Greene runs a landscaping business with her partner and had gone out on the job to lay down turf for someone. She explained to them that they would need to water the grass. But to make matters worse the customer had wanted the job done during a heatwave, which only served to make the grass yellow even further.

She was confronted by the customer when she went to pick up the payment for the job, with the customer refusing to pay as the grass had gone dry.

The landscaper explained: "We did this job for this woman, we did her front and back grass but she happened to want it done during the heatwave. So the grass has gone a bit yellow but it shouldn't have had she watered it the way she was advised to."

She added: "I’m like, ‘Yeah, but you didn’t water it. “You were advised on how to cater for your grass. You didn’t do it, and I’m here to collect the check today. You said it was Saturday.

"You’re continuing to cause delays. This isn’t how things go; you’re gonna have to pay."

No matter how hard she tried to explain the situation, the customer was simply not convinced.

They got revenge.
TikTok / @kslicksix

She said: "Everything I said to try and be cooperative wasn't pleasing her."

In the end, the landscaper decided to take drastic action. If the customer wasn't going to pay for the service, then they weren't going to get their turf.

She said: "That’s how the story goes. They didn’t pay. We had a whole audience, ripped up all their grass, and we’re leaving it there, so it’s a warning sign for anybody who wants to do their grass next.

"Why do you think it looks like that? ‘Cause they didn’t pay."

Viewers on TikTok rushed to support the landscaper after she posted the video.

One posted: "I had something similar happen last year. I pulled up all our supplies as well. Good for you"

Another wrote: "It’s a fee for service… they got the grass and the services, after care is on HER."

A third replied: "My husband did this to windows… refused to pay, started to take out our windows, got the first one out and they changed their mind real quick."

So let that be a lesson - always water your grass and pay for services. Or just plant a meadow instead, as it's far prettier to look at, and better for the environment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @kslicksix

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