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American Said Their Life Was Ruined After Eating Australian Bread

Stewart Perrie


American Said Their Life Was Ruined After Eating Australian Bread

An American woman's rant has resurfaced on social media detailing how her life was ruined after eating bread in Australia.

As far as bread goes, there are plenty of stores that will do you up a fantastic sourdough or a fluffy and delicious focaccia.

However, this person wasn't talking about the fancy bread you can get in artisanal stores.

They were referring to something they bought at the supermarket.


"During my visit to Australia we visited a grocery store and we bought a loaf of sliced bread. I remember the packaging was orange and it was labeled 'TOAST', indicating it was meant to be toasted," they wrote on a Reddit thread.

"Now, this bread was the softest, most amazing bread I've ever had in my sad American life. The very first bite was ecstasy. I had around 3 slices before I even thought about popping some in the toaster.

"And the toast was something else. The toast was a godsend. I would pay just to live off of that toast for the rest of my life. It was STILL SOFT despite it being toasted. I remember thinking, "is this the Australian standard? Is this how they live?"


"Guys, I can't live without that bread. Ever since I got back to America I've been in pursuit of a bread that can deliver just as well. But I've found nothing.

"Am I doomed to live for the rest of my life without that bread? How am I supposed to go on knowing that such delicacies lie on the other side of the planet, and I have no means of access?"

After reading the comments, the American was informed that what they had tasted was just good ole Tip Top bread.

While Tip Top isn't bad, it's certainly not something to write home about (then again, pretty much all standard white bread is).


Who knows what it is in American bread that makes Tip Top taste so bloody good, but it's devastating for that person to not be able to get it in their homeland.

The Reddit thread has resurfaced on Twitter, with one user branding it the 'saddest thing I've ever read in my entire life'.

Many people couldn't believe that someone could be hung up on our bread so much that they say it changed and ruined their life.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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Stewart Perrie
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