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Australia Post Apologises After Its Website Claimed Staff Were 'Smoking Meth'

Australia Post Apologises After Its Website Claimed Staff Were 'Smoking Meth'

The company says the 'unauthorised offensive post' didn't come from them.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Australia Post has apologised after one of its web pages claimed staff were 'smoking meth'.

If you had a look on AusPost's eParcel website over the weekend and looked on the 'Latest News' section you would have seen a very interesting looking message.

Someone had presumably hacked the site to say 'we are smoking meth'.

There wasn't any other information about the alleged methamphetamine use however, and it was quickly taken down once it was noticed.

Australia Post

Australia Post has issued a statement to 7News, saying: "We apologise to our customers for the unauthorised offensive post.

"The offending message has been removed and we have disabled the account that posted it."

The company confirmed it didn't come from anyone on their end, so it must have been someone with nefarious intentions. The message was up for at least an hour before it was removed.

People couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the message and rushed to social media to post their reactions.

One person said: "OMG get your act together Aus post.

Another added: "So that's their new tactics to get parcels out to us?"

Australia Post

Australia Post has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late, with the former CEO resigning over a watch scandal that left people gobsmacked.

Christine Holgate was urged to stand aside after admitting that four luxury time pieces were given to the staff members for their hard work on a campaign. The total cost of the watches was nearly $20,000.

In a lengthy statement, the boss discussed her decision to resign and confirmed she will make herself available for the investigation into the incident.

"I have offered today the Chairman and Board of Australia, with great sadness, my resignation as Chief executive with immediate effect," she said. "As Christmas approaches, it is critically important that Australia Post is absolutely focussed on supporting our customers and communities.

"I firmly believe that the 'ship' needs a strong captain at the helm to help navigate through this time. The current issue I am managing is a significant distraction and I do not believe it is good for either Australia Post or my personal wellbeing.

"Consequently, I have made the difficult decision to resign, hoping it will allow the organisation to fully focus on serving our customers."

While she defended giving the employees the watches, Ms Holgate admitted that the gifts didn't pass 'the pub test' and understood why so many Australians would be annoyed at such an expense.

Featured Image Credit: Australia Post

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