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Aussie Bloke Reveals He's A Professional Funeral Crasher

Jayden Collins


Aussie Bloke Reveals He's A Professional Funeral Crasher

Featured Image Credit: SBS Insight. Zefrog/Alamy

One Australian bloke has revealed the most outlandish of job positions that sees him secretly crash funerals on behalf of the deceased.

Bill, who has coined himself the 'Coffin Confessor', is a private investigator who has worked closely with clients who are on their deathbed.

Often at times in his line of work, the clients are discovering some pretty damning news that they don't quite have the strength to address or call out in their state.

That's where Bill comes in.

The crux of the job description was revealed on SBS Insight, where Bill is entrusted to crash a deceased's funeral and reveal a secret they had while alive. He might rock up at their funeral or the wake or even during the reading of the will.

Speaking to SBS Insight, Bill explained how he managed to come about this line of work.

He said: "My first client was Graham. He was a gentleman that I'd been investigating a claim for.

"I got to know him only for a short while. He had cancer. He was close to death.

"We got to talking about death and the afterlife, and all things surrounding death. I suggested he do his own eulogy. He said he'd been to plenty of funerals where eulogies just aren't shown out of disrespect or the family just don't show them.

"So I suggested I crash his funeral for him."

However, that wasn't the most unconventional request of the situation, as Bill would later reveal what he was tasked with saying at Graham's funeral.

He continued: "He wanted me to out his best mate for trying to sleep with his wife while he was on his deathbed.

"He also asked me to remove three people from the congregation that he hadn't seen in 30 years."

Of course, the shock at the funeral as Bill read out Graham's eulogy and outed his mate was evident, with Bill recalling that the best friend left the funeral pretty quickly.

When asked why this approach is taken after passing rather than while still alive, Bill replied: "Most of it's because most of them don't have the strength to get up and punch the person in the fact that are hurting them.

"It's not all bad either, there's good, bad, funny, and sad. There's quite a range of funerals that I've crashed."

The 'Coffin Confessor' charges AU$2,000 to AU$10,000 per client and says he never gets a complaint.

Quite the line of work.

Topics: Weird, Australia

Jayden Collins
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