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Aussie Woman Gives British People Brilliant Advice On How To Deal With The Heat

Stewart Perrie

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Aussie Woman Gives British People Brilliant Advice On How To Deal With The Heat

As parts of the UK get ready for one hell of a hot few days, they've been given advice from someone who might have dealt with their fair share of high temperatures.

Australian summers have been recording temperatures in the 30s, 40s and even in the 50s recently.

So, it's fair to say that an Australian might know a thing or two about how to handle those sweltering days.

Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts has posted a brilliant thread on Twitter detailing all the ways that British people can stay cool.


She said the first tip is to close your curtains all the way for the whole day.

"You can open them at night, when you will also (if possible) open your windows the whole way and direct any fans to make a though breeze," she wrote.

She added: "Buy or procure by some other means a mister or spray bottle. Fill it with water. Mist as necessary."


Dr Roberts revealed this is also a good way to keep pets cool if you can't access a hose.

Speaking of pets, she said it would be a good idea if you stocked up on ice before the temperatures get too high.

"While yes, a nice cool beverage with ice is wonderful, this is also mainly about your pets," she said.

Credit: Ian Davidson/Alamy Live News
Credit: Ian Davidson/Alamy Live News

"Ensure that you are topping up their water with ice regularly.

"If you have no pets, stock up on slightly less ice, for your own beverages."

Dr Roberts had a few tips if your body starts to deteriorate under the harsh sun.

"If you feel you are overheating the two places on your body you need to focus on cooling down quickly (before then dealing properly with the issue!) are the crown of your head and your feet," she said.


Ellie revealed that you should soak your feet in water that is as cold as your feet can stand. Then you're meant to drink loads of water.

"Heatstroke is no joke pals," she added.

"Make sure you know the signs of heatstroke (for adults, children, and any pets you have!).


"In a genuine case of heatstroke, skip the feet and go straight for an icepack to the armpits. Yes seriously."

She said wear as little clothing inside your home and if you have to venture out then slap on the highest SPF suncream and wear loose-fitting clothing that covers your whole body.

You don't want to get sun burnt for a five minute trip to the shops.

She said it's best to avoid alcohol and coffee as they can both play with your body's water levels.

Temperatures in the UK are expected to reach up to 40C degrees this week, which is seriously concerning.

Authorities have warned everyone to look after yourself and make sure you don't exert yourself in this weather.

Featured Image Credit: lynchpics / Alamy Stock Photo. Simon Grosset / Alamy Stock Photo

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Stewart Perrie
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