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Calls To Ban Greyhound Racing In Australia Grow After 3 Dogs Get Euthanised In 8 Days

Calls To Ban Greyhound Racing In Australia Grow After 3 Dogs Get Euthanised In 8 Days

Free the Hounds President Melissa Harrison said the deaths prove that more needs to be done to curb the sport and to protect the dogs.

The calls to ban greyhound dog racing have intensified after a third dog has been euthanised in only eight days.

ABC News reports Pecan Minelli was the third dog to be put down after her leg snapped during a race last week in Western Australia.

While appearing on ABC Perth's Mornings program, Greens member Brad Pettitt said the greyhound gambling industry should be phased out over two years.

"We're going to be asking some questions of the Racing and Gaming Minister [Tony Buti] through the parliamentary process," he said.

"Too many dogs are getting injured and too many are getting killed."

Free the Hounds President Melissa Harrison said that the past three deaths indicate more needs to prohibit the sport.


"Minister Buti needs to look at what's going on at these tracks and why it's occurring," said said.

She also mentioned The Northam racetrack, which earlier this month reopened for the first time since the pandemic when a dog had to be euthanised after sustaining multiple injuries after striking a catching pen.

She said: "We know there's upgrades happening, but they haven't been done properly if Northam is anything to go by."

Mr Pettitt submitted questions on notice to state parliament inquiring about the upgrades Racing and Wagering WA are making, with the government’s answers expected in June.

He is now calling on the state government to release greyhound racing from the sale of gambling giant TAB while compiling an e-petition to be sent to Parliament under Free The Hounds, a greyhound racing advocacy group.


According to the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds website, there have been 62 on-track greyhound deaths and 3,888 injuries in 2022.

Last year, Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds recorded 213 deaths and 10,195 injuries.

Currently, the only state in Australia to have banned the sport is ACT.

In 2019, the Queensland government announced AUD $40 million would be spent on a new greyhound racing facility with three tracks at Purga in Ipswich, expected to be unveiled later this year, according to ABC News.

Greyhound Racing NSW chief veterinary officer Liz Arnott said that the new tracks would make racing safer for greyhounds as they are straighter with minimal bends to eliminate the possibility of injury.

But Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds president Annie Hendley said that the government’s hefty investment should be spent on rehabilitation for racing dogs.

"Dogs are still racing, being injured, dying — you're still building curved tracks," she told ABC News.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy.

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