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Cannabis Based Drug Kills 100% Of Pancreatic Cancer Cells In New Study

Cannabis Based Drug Kills 100% Of Pancreatic Cancer Cells In New Study

Cannabotech has developed the drug using an extract of CBD and Cyathus stratus fungus, without damaging any healthy cells.

A botanical drug containing extracts of a cannabis plant managed to eliminate 100 per cent of pancreatic cancer cells, a new study revealed.

The drug, which is based on an extract of the Cyathus stratus fungus in conjunction with the cannabinoid extract, killed all cancer cells without damaging any healthy cells. 

It was developed by the biomedical company Cannabotech and the study was led by Professor Fuad Fares, who is a senior cancer researcher at the University of Haifa.

The fungus used has been the subject of eight years of testing for anti-cancer efficacy and the treatment showed better anti-cancer results than a variety of other fungi tested. 

The company expects the botanical drug process to be significantly cheaper and shorter than the development of standard ethical drugs. 

Cannabotech announced that in their cell model trial, their adapted extract, which combined the cannabinoid extract and the fungi one, showed five times higher anti-cancer efficacy than the original extract.

Cannabis, what a magical plant. 

The biomedical company claims to be one of the first to ‘marry traditional Asian knowledge with modern science to create our proprietary, patent-pending M²CBD formula'.

They utilise functional mushrooms and high-quality CBD to enhance their formulas. 

Cannabotech expects that they will complete the feasibility study phase by mid-2023, leading them to the next stage where they will develop the drug in collaboration with a large pharmaceutical company via FDA approval. 

They plan to test the active mechanism of killing cancer cells by extracts, as well as the combined anti-cancer efficacy of the fungus and cannabinoids together, in cells and animals.

Elhanan Shaked, CEO at Cannabotech said: “We have completed a significant milestone on the way to developing the botanical drug for pancreatic cancer. 

“This is another step that brings us closer to the great vision we set for ourselves and investors about three years ago. 

“I am convinced that we will continue to meet the deadlines and that within 12 months, we will complete the feasibility stage and work for development cooperation with a large pharmaceutical company vis-à-vis the FDA."

There were an estimated 4,261 new cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed in Australia in 2021, according to

The five-year survival rate for the cancer is only 11 per cent, which makes Cannabotech’s discovery and research even more essential.

Featured Image Credit: Andreas Häuslbetz / Alamy. wunkley / Alamy.

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