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The Chaser Did A Remix Of The Leader’s Debate And It’s Cracked The Top 3 On iTunes Australia Chart

The Chaser Did A Remix Of The Leader’s Debate And It’s Cracked The Top 3 On iTunes Australia Chart

The comedy group pulled an all-nighter to make the song after a dare from a fan on social media.

Australian comedy group The Chaser is climbing the music charts after dropping a deep-fake EDM diss-track about Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The song, entitled 'Coal Makes Me C*m', is currently sitting at number three on the iTunes charts.

The incredibly NSFW track is a deep-fake mash-up of words Morrison actually said, spliced together to sound like the Australian Prime Minister is thumbing his nose at voters - particularly those who have lost their homes in bushfires and floods.

"F**k you and your family [and] the essential services you rely on," Morrison's edited voice says on the track.

"F**k you other c***s facing floods and bushfires.

Then, referring to his infamous Hawaii holiday during the Australian bushfire crisis, the fake Morrison sings: "When disaster strikes I’m ready to go on vacation."

Then there's the chorus, which has a rather icky take on Morrison's affinity for fossil fuels.

"Coal makes me hard. Coal makes me c*m," fake Morrison sings. "My d***k is always hard and it’s only getting harder.”


The song came about after a dare levied at the Chaser by a fan on Reddit, asking the comedy group to remix the Leaders' Debate into a song.

"Like idiots, we accepted the challenge and pulled an all-nighter to smash out a track in 12 hours," the Chaser said in an online statement.

"We'd assumed it might get a smattering of upvotes and give a few people a laugh.

"Little did we know you all would give it over a million plays and send it to the front page of Reddit.

"We've even heard some of you got it played in a club, which is hilarious."

They added on Twitter: “If this charts it’s definitely going down as the dumbest thing we’ve ever done.”

The comedy group then issued a challenge to fans: to get the track on the Aussie music charts. They've pledged to donate 10c of royalties earned towards fighting climate change.

Well, not only did they crack the top 40, but it is currently sitting at number three on the iTunes Australia charts.

So what does this mean? Well, Australian radio stations will likely now be made to play the song on-air due to its position in the charts, which means we'll likely be hearing about the Australian Prime Minister's penis pretty much everywhere.

It also goes without saying that Scott Morrison never said any of these sentences - but despite that, the cleverly spliced audio track is sure to crop up just about everywhere as the May 21 election edges closer.

Featured Image Credit: The Chaser/Spotify. PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo.

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