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Conservative Lobby Group Calls On 'Woke' NSW Premier To Keep State Flag On Sydney Harbour Bridge

Conservative Lobby Group Calls On 'Woke' NSW Premier To Keep State Flag On Sydney Harbour Bridge

They are fuming the Aboriginal flag has replaced the NSW one and they want Dominic Perrottet to 'ditch the identity politics'.

A conservative lobby group has lashed out at NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet for replacing the NSW state flag with the Aboriginal flag atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Family Voice Australia is now calling on Aussies to write to the NSW Premier to voice their opposition to the Aboriginal flag's new, permanent spot on the bridge.

In a new campaign on their website, the group has called Perrottet 'woke' and urged him to 'ditch the identity politics'.

"Woke NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet is pushing to have the NSW flag removed from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and replaced with the Aboriginal flag," the group wrote on their website.

Robert Wallace / Wallace Media Network / Alamy Stock Photo.

"It comes after his push to add the Aboriginal flag to the Sydney Harbour Bridge in addition to the Australian and NSW flags was costed at an eye watering $25 million (£14.2 million) to install a new flag pole."

The group then goes on to say that the eye-watering cost for a new flagpole was 'too much money' but that it should never have been looked into 'in the first place'.

"However, instead of ditching his plan to fly the Aboriginal flag, Perrottet will now remove the NSW flag," the group said,

They added: "That’s right, the flag of the state he is supposed to represent."

The lobby group is up in arms after the NSW Premier decided to ditch the extra flagpole and its exorbitant cost and decided to leave the Aboriginal flag flying over Sydney's iconic bridge.

The flag had been hoisted above the harbour to celebrate NAIDOC Week.

It was set to be pulled down on Monday, June 11, but the Premier decided against the move.

"This is a practical and pragmatic solution which makes sense and ensures that we celebrate our nation’s ancient heritage alongside its modern history in a continuing story, which we can all be part of, and celebrate together as one," Premier Dominic Perrottet said, as per the Daily Telegraph.

Kumar Sriskandan / Alamy Stock Photo.

The flag will now remain on the bridge permanently, with the state flag relocated to the site of a redevelopment on Macquarie Street.

"The work that we’re doing on Macquarie Street - I will ensure that the NSW flag has a place there of prominence so that people can see it, appreciate it, learn from it and value it," he said, as per the Sydney Morning Herald.

The $25 million (£14.2 million) cost of the additional flagpole for the Harbour Bridge, which has already been set aside in the state budget, will now go towards Closing the Gap initiatives instead.

Featured Image Credit: IOIO IMAGES / Alamy. Frédéric araujo / Alamy.

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