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Covid-19 Deniers Break Into ‘At Capacity’ Hospital To Take Photos Of Empty Corridors

Covid-19 Deniers Break Into ‘At Capacity’ Hospital To Take Photos Of Empty Corridors

They were trying to claim the hospital was lying about being full of Covid-19 patients and were kicked out.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Security have kicked out a bunch of people who broke into a UK hospital to further their conspiracy agenda.

Colchester Hospital is currently at full capacity in the intensive care unit due to an overwhelming increase in coronavirus cases.

However, several Covid-19 'deniers' wanted to disprove that by infiltrating the ICU department and taking photos of empty corridors.

Hospital chief executive Nick Hulme said it was baffling that conspiracy theorists were still claiming the pandemic is a hoax.

He said: "[Security was called to] remove people who were taking photographs of empty corridors and then posting them on social media, saying the hospital is not in crisis.


"When you've got that sort of social media pressure and those people denying the reality of Covid it really concerns us. Words fail me.

"Why would people do that when we all know somebody who has died from Covid?

"Of course there are empty corridors at the weekend in outpatients, because that's the right thing to do.

"We are facing the biggest health challenge we've ever seen and we are still seeing people flouting the [social distancing] rules."

Mr Hulme said it was a part of their pandemic policy to have corridors in outpatients units as empty as possible so that the risk of spreading coronavirus was kept to a minimum.

This wasn't a one off incident either.

A West Midlands Police spokesman told the BBC that a member of the public at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital was concerned about a man 'walking around inside a hospital without a mask and filming'.

"We are liaising with colleagues in West Mercia Police and will consider the circumstances before deciding on the most appropriate course of action," the spokesman added.

There was also a similar incident in a hospital in Redditch as well.

A hospital consultant has lashed out against the groups who are trying to spread misinformation about the virus.

Dr David Nicholl, who works in the West Midlands, explained to the BBC that it's ridiculous to see people claim the virus isn't real when he is dealing with sick and dying patients every day.

"We are extremely busy. It's important people treat this with the gravity they should, we must suppress the virus," he said.

"It is grossly offensive to the now over 70,000 people - including the 600 of my colleagues - who have died because of this illness."

Police haven't made any arrests in relation to the various incidents, but are investigating each one.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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