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Aussie Politician Craig Kelly Gets Egged And Told To 'Stop Hanging Out With Nazis'

Aussie Politician Craig Kelly Gets Egged And Told To 'Stop Hanging Out With Nazis'

The controversial MP told the protestor she was a 'disgrace to democracy'.

A protestor has egged controversial Australian politician Craig Kelly right on the noggin.

A video has been uploaded to social media showing the woman come from behind and whack what appears to be an egg on the MP's head.

Then she yelled at the elected official to 'stop hanging out with Nazis' before repeatedly telling him he's an 'anti-Semite' and a 'Nazi lover'.

Kelly told the protestor that she's a 'disgrace to democracy' and the woman was heckled away by Kelly's supporters.

LADbible is not suggesting Kelly is associated with the neo-Nazi movement.

Kelly has previously been banned from Facebook and was hauled into a meeting with Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the misinformation he spreads about coronavirus on his account.

He's spent much of the Covid-19 pandemic promoting unsupported treatments for the virus and theories that went against official information.

Some of his more edgy posts were pulled down for violating Facebook's Misinformation and Harm policy.

However, Meta decided to ban his account in April last year.

In a statement, it said: "We have clear policies against this type of content and have removed Mr Kelly's Facebook page for repeated violations of this policy."

Richard Milnes/Alamy Live News

The company said it doesn't allow 'anyone, including elected officials, to share misinformation about COVID-19 that could lead to imminent physical harm, or COVID-19 vaccines that have been debunked by public health experts'.

Facebook also recently knocked back a proposal from the United Australia Party leader to remove fact-checking on politicians' social media posts ahead of the Federal election campaign.

At a Parliamentary committee examining social media and online safety, Kelly called for ‘no foreign interference by Meta in the Australian election’ through blocking, shadow-banning or removing political candidates or parties from the platform.

However, Meta’s Head of Public Policy in Australia, Josh Machin said that removing or restricting fact-checking would violate Facebook Community Standards.

Kelly then asked if posts would still be fact-checked or their reach would be restricted or removed, to which Malin enforced Meta’s policies wouldn’t change ahead of the election campaign.

“If a piece of content violates our community standards then yes, we’ll be removing it,” Josh said.

“And that’s a really important protection that we have in place in order to protect the safety and the integrity of the election campaign.”

Featured Image Credit: @akaWACA/Twitter

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