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Owner Abandons Dog On The Side Of The Road With Bag Of Toys And A Heartbreaking Note

Owner Abandons Dog On The Side Of The Road With Bag Of Toys And A Heartbreaking Note

A note attached to the dog revealed the owner could not care for the canine anymore due to her ongoing health issues.

A small dog has been found abandoned with a bag of her toys and a devastating note from her owner in the US.

The Mirror reports that the dog, known as Baby Girl, was rescued by The Humane Society after being found tied to a fire hydrant in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Dog abandonment stories are always heartbreaking, but the picture of this little dog sitting all alone is particularly gut-wrenching.

The animal welfare and conservation organisation didn't reveal exactly what was said in the note left by the owner.

But The Humane Society said the owner explained how they could not care for their dog anymore due to her ongoing health issues. 

Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society

After they found Baby Girl, the team took her to a vet check-up, where it was discovered she suffers from diabetes mellitus, a common endocrine disease in dogs and cats.

Baby Girl's condition means she has to have daily glucose monitoring, a restricted diet, and at-home insulin injections.

A spokesperson for The Humane Society spoke to the Mirror and revealed that owning a pet with a condition like that can be incredibly expensive as they require ‘a monthly purchase of insulin' and potentially other expensive medical treatments.

She said: "In total, it’s possible this could cost hundreds of dollars a month, depending on your own veterinarian’s assessment and cost of supplies in your area."

The spokesperson also described the owner leaving her dog by the side of the road as ‘an act of desperation'.

But she praised the owner for doing what she thought was best for Baby Girl after ‘carefully packing’ a bag full of her ‘favourite toys’ while securing her leash so she wouldn’t run onto the road.

Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society

The spokesperson also expressed the dog was in ‘safe arms’ after being found.

She said: "We see that you did what you thought was best for your beloved pup and we are grateful for your compassion.

"Rest assured that she’s safe, she’s getting tons of attention from our team.”

Just days after being rescued and taken in by the animal charity, Baby Girl has been able to secure a new home. Her previous owner couldn’t be happier, according to the spokesperson.

She also disclosed that the pup had received overwhelming love and support from the public after learning about her story via the organisation's Facebook page.

They said: "The international response to this pup’s story has been overwhelming, and the outpouring of kindness for her previous owner has truly filled our hearts to the brim."

Doesn’t that just make your cup full?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society.

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