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Green Day Cancels Moscow Concert As Russia-Ukraine Situation Escalates

Green Day Cancels Moscow Concert As Russia-Ukraine Situation Escalates

American rockers Green Day have cancelled their upcoming Moscow gig in protest over Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang

American rockers Green Day have cancelled their upcoming Moscow gig in protest over Russia's invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

The trio was due to take the stage in the Russian capital as a part of their Hella Mega tour, but they have now joined a growing chorus of celebrities and international artists condemning the rogue nation for their attack against the former Soviet-state.

The band released a statement online, calling on people in the region to 'stay safe'.

"With heavy hearts, in light of current events we feel it is necessary to cancel our upcoming show in Moscow at Spartak Stadium," Green Day said.

Jason Richardson / Alamy Live News

"We are aware that this moment is not about stadium rock shows, it's much bigger than that. But we also know that rock and roll is forever and we feel confident there will be a time and a place for us to return in the future."

Green Day is the latest in a slew of acts refusing to perform in the country. US-based indie pop group AJR cancelled the Russian leg of their tour, while popular home-grown rapper Oxxxymiron nixed six sold out gigs in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Eurovision has also banned the nation from competing in the 2022 musical extravaganza.

Sporting teams are also refusing to play against Russia in the wake of the invasion.

England's Football Association confirmed England will not play Russia in any international football fixture for the 'foreseeable future'.

The Football Association released a statement, saying: "Out of solidarity with Ukraine and to wholeheartedly condemn the atrocities being committed by the Russian leadership, the FA can confirm that we won't play against Russia in any international fixtures for the foreseeable future.

According to the United Nations, 368,000 Ukrainian refugees have already fled the country and crossed the border to Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova after weeks of tension as Russia massed an estimated 150,000 troops on three sides of neighbouring Ukraine.

The European Union, UK, USA, Japan, Taiwan, and Canada have imposed economic sanctions on Russia.

Meanwhile in Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has banned Putin from visiting Down Under.

The move has been described as 'exceedingly rare', however the Aussie PM said he feels it's justified compared to what is happening in Ukraine.

Morrison said the only other leaders who have been banned from Australia in the past are 'Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and Bashar al-Assad of Syria."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy Live News

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