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Horrifying Footage Shows Just How Filthy Sydney Trains Are

Horrifying Footage Shows Just How Filthy Sydney Trains Are

Ever wondered what's lurking within your seat? Maybe you shouldn't.

Vivienne Kelly

Vivienne Kelly

Do you ever sit on a train in Sydney and think to yourself 'Gee, I wonder what this seat has been through, what it's seen and what secrets it's hiding?

Well, maybe you shouldn't.

One young man who was perhaps harbouring such thoughts took a hammer to the soft seats to show just how much filth might be lurking in its fibrous depths.

And the results aren't pretty.

Ryan Wheeler aptly captioned the video 'Sydney Trains, clean your fkn seats' as grit and grime poured from the seat.

A few years ago, people around the world lost their minds at the concept of Sydney's trains being both underground and 'double-decker', but perhaps they'll be a little less enamoured with our rail system now they've seen what lies beneath.

Choo choo!

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Wheeler/ TikTok

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