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Lowes Has Started Selling Matching Flannos For Dogs

Lowes Has Started Selling Matching Flannos For Dogs

If you've ever wanted to go matchy-matchy with your pooch, now is the time.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

People dress their pets in a whole host of weird, wonderful and incredible outfits purely to satisfy their own excitement.

Sure, there will be some owners who will chuck on a necessary doggy raincoat on a stormy day, however the ones that make their Rover wear a bee outfit because it looks adorable are just having fun, right?

But if you've ever wanted to go matchy-matchy with your pooch then you can finally do that AT LOWES.


Apologies for the all caps, but if you've ever watched a Lowes ad on television then you'll know they enjoy shouting at your through the telly.

The company has started selling a range of flannelette shirts that your dog can wear. The best bit: they also have human sized flannos in the same colours so that you can look like twins.

Lowes' website says: "Your pooch will be the envy of all their four legged friends while wearing their warm and cosy Flannelette shirt.

"Perfect for letting your pup join in the fun on your next backyard BBQ, or chilled out walk!"


They will only set you back $16, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of joy you'll get out of having a twins photoshoot on Instagram with your new gear.

There's even a selection of Hawaiian shirts if you're not feeling the flanno vibe and would prefer to think it was summertime.

Lowes debuted this new collection this week and people have been going absolutely wild for them. The original post has received hundreds of likes shares and comments, which means there will likely be a lot of competition to get these shirts when they go on sale.

They available now if you want to ramp up the cuteness.

Featured Image Credit: Lowes

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