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Man Starts 'Raw Meat Experiment' To See How Long He Can Survive

Man Starts 'Raw Meat Experiment' To See How Long He Can Survive

The bloke happily eats raw mince meat, chicken, steak and fish while drinking raw milk and eggs.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A man has started a very bizarre 'experiment' to see how long he can survive while eating only raw meat.

The bloke started an account on Instagram where he posts daily videos of him chowing down on uncooked chicken breasts, full rib-eye steaks and downing glasses of eggs or milk.

According to his page, he heads to his local supermarket in California to pick out a slice of meat to eat and will knock it back then and there.

He's currently up to day 76 and his latest post sees him eating a slab of raw mince meat.

The man wrote on the Instagram post: "A brick of shredded cow and milk of the sheep. Ground beef has become my favorite meal.

"Due to the low cost, ease of consuming a pound in like 4 minutes, gathering 800 calories of absorbable cow and digesting perfectly.

"If I went to chipotle, a burrito maybe 1000 calories but the meat is cooked til there is no nutrition left, and 90% of it is plants that you can't really digest.

"I'd be paying $13 for a day of shidding and farding which is fun but not as efficient."

Speaking on Mark Bell's Power Podcast, the influencer explained that he's been through some 'diet holes' during his life.

He thought it was totally normal to 'feel like s**t' after eating processed food before realising he could change his diet.

The man went vegan for around 10 years to see if that would alter the way he felt about eating, and then he went the complete opposite direction and mainly just ate steak and eggs.

He admits that dramatic shift in diet caused some major problems in his body but they eventually settled down once it got used to the meat.

The raw eater questioned why humans are seemingly the only being on earth that has to cook their food before eating it. He said that query bothered him and made him go further down the raw meat rabbit hole.

The man added that he's not strictly relying on raw meat, eggs and milk to fuel his diet and he'll go for a burrito every now and then when he's craving it.

It's worth noting that NSW Health states that 'raw meat may contain harmful bacteria including Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and E. coli that can cause food poisoning'.

The health body adds that 'these bacteria are destroyed when meat is correctly cooked'.

If you're thinking about consuming raw meat, NSW Health says you should ensure that it's 'very fresh', bought from 'a reputable butcher who understands this is how the meat will be consumed' and you need to 'prepare and consume as soon as possible after slaughter'.

Featured Image Credit: rawmeatexperiment/Instagram

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