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Men Explain Why They Don't Bother Trying To Decorate Their Homes

Men Explain Why They Don't Bother Trying To Decorate Their Homes

Whether it's the cost or not being bothered, there are loads of reasons why some blokes like the minimalist approach.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A woman has asked men on Reddit to explain why some of them don't decorate their homes.

Whether they live in a studio apartment or a huge mansion, there are plenty of ways to furnish a room.

However, photos have gone viral on social media over the years showing how some blokes prefer a very minimalist approach.

It could be a single chair, with a TV, a sound system and a rug and while that might make the resident happy, they can sometimes get mocked for having a 'serial killer' home.

These men have hit back against the idea of pointless decorations and explained why they prefer the 'less is more' aesthetic.

One person responded to the Reddit question by saying: "I put a lot of effort into decorating my house, but never did in any apartment I lived in... it's more to move, hanging a ton of s**t on the walls put my security deposit in jeopardy, and who knows how long I'd be there anyways?"

Another wrote: "The decorations I do have up are generally something that I have an emotional attachment to, like a concert poster, something with my Dog, or just the books that I have enjoyed.

"I don't go to a Michaels or a Hobby Lobby to buy a lantern/sconce or a bowl of decorative balls because I don't have any relationship with these items and I know they are easily replaceable.

"I know some people feel that these decorative items (especially around the holidays) make the 'House feel like a home' but to me they are not necessary and are more just there."

A third hilarious said: "I know this is my place. Most of the time my eyes are glued to a screen, book, skillet, or cutting board. What am I supposed to do? Look up and be like 'Oh right! I managed to live today, but I totally forgot about laughing and loving!'"

Some said decorations make their rooms feel claustrophobic because of all the clutter that's around, whereas others mentioned how those types of things are usually fairly expensive.

One user expressed how he's the only person who is usually in his apartment and therefore doesn't need a large couch or dining table to entertain guests.

A different one wrote how they genuinely have no clue where to start when it comes to decoration so has just shelved the idea.

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