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Pauline Hanson Eviscerates Scott Morrison By Calling Him An ‘Arrogant Bully’

Pauline Hanson Eviscerates Scott Morrison By Calling Him An ‘Arrogant Bully’

The One Nation leader has ripped into the Prime Minister's 'leadership style'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Pauline Hanson has unleashed on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and labelled him an 'arrogant bully'.

Ahead of the inquiry into the resignation of former Australia Post boss Christine Holgate, the One Nation leader issued a media statement detailing her thoughts on Australia's leader.

Ms Holgate resigned from the CEO role after Scott Morrison said she should be stood down if she didn't voluntarily go.

It came after it was revealed in a Senate Committee hearing that Ms Holgate approved giving Cartier watches to four executives to commend them on securing a deal.

While bonuses aren't out of the realm of possibility, the offering was slammed while services and posties were being pushed to the brink and the money could have been spent elsewhere.

Ms Hanson took issue with the Prime Minister announcing Ms Holgate's successor the day before the inquiry into her resignation was due to start.

jfish92/Creative Commons

She wrote: "The announcement of a new Australia Post chief executive and managing director today shows absolute arrogance on behalf of the Prime Minister and two of his most senior Ministers.

"It demonstrates unmistakeable contempt of the process and this is proving typical of the Prime Ministers leadership style. Scott Morrison is attempting to deliberately destabilise witnesses ahead of tomorrows Senate inquiry.

"The Prime Minister hasn't said boo about $77.5 million in bonuses paid by the NBN Co, yet he's thrown Christine Holgate under a bus for the purchase of $20,000 worth of watches given as bonuses following a boost of $220 million to Australia Post's bottom line.

"As far as I'm concerned, the Prime Minister is nothing but an arrogant bully who has disregarded the efforts of the Senate to shine a light on the truth behind the Australia Post saga."

Christine Holgate hasn't held back during her submission at her inquiry today (April 13) and pointed the finger directly at Scott Morrison for her leaving the job she adored.

Christine Holgate.
Australian Senate

She explained how life was hell in the wake of her Cartier watch admission and it left her suicidal and needing mental health medication.

The former CEO explained how the Prime Minister was directly responsible for that.

"The simple truth is, I was bullied out of my job," she said. "I was humiliated and driven to despair. I was thrown under the bus so the chairman of Australia Post could curry favour with his political masters.

"But I'm still here and I'm stronger for surviving it."

She's also told the inquiry that she was allowed to give bonuses up to $150,000 but opted for the $5,000 watches instead. Ms Holgate highlighted potential sexism in the way she was treated.

"I was hung in Parliament, humiliated, not just hung, run over by a bus and reversed again," she said.

"Members of Parliament who have been accused of the most terrible atrocities to women, proven with one of them, and they're allowed to stand and still remain in their jobs and represent our country. I was forced to stand down.

"So do I believe it's partially a gender issue? You're absolutely right I do. But do I believe the real problem here is bullying and harassment and abuse of power? You're absolutely right I do."

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