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Pauline Hanson Sends Message To Aussies Who Want Her To Drop Dead After Testing Positive For Covid-19

Pauline Hanson Sends Message To Aussies Who Want Her To Drop Dead After Testing Positive For Covid-19

Vicious people hoped that she would become sick or worse, but the unvaccinated One Nation Senator has hit back.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has a message for her haters after contracting Covid-19.

The unvaccinated politician publicly revealed that she has contracted the virus two days before the election.

This means she'll likely be tucked up in bed instead of hitting the pavement to do some last-minute campaigning for the May 21 election.

"I will self isolate in accordance with the current rules, and do the best I can to drive One Nation policies from home ahead of this weekend," she said in an online statement.

She then gave her supporters and haters a shout-out.

Facebook/Pauline Hanson's Please Explain.
Facebook/Pauline Hanson's Please Explain.

"I thank all of those people who have sent their well wishes, and I look forward to disappointing all of those who hope that I drop dead.

"I will survive to some people's disgust."

Senator Hanson spoke to Australian radio hosts on The Kyle & Jackie O Show over the phone on Thursday (May 19).

Hanson coughed heavily throughout the interview, revealing she is currently in isolation in Queensland.

"You really want to know, I’m up the s**t. I’ve got Covid," she said, as reported by

"I travelled to five states around Australia campaigning, but I go to the most locked down state last week and I got it and I came home."

She then doubled down on her anti-vaxx stance, adding: "I’m not getting vaccinated, I haven’t been in hospital, I’m fine, I’m alive, it’s like I’ve had a heavy cold."

A spokesman for Hanson confirmed that she had mild, flu-like symptoms and would be treating herself with dewormer ivermectin.

"She’d actually done several tests prior to that but there was a positive test on Saturday," he said.

"She’s not especially sick, it’s basically like a cold, it’s like the flu."

This confirms she will still be out of action come election day. 

Ivermectin helps get rid of parasites, mites and worms in animals like horses and has been used on humans for scabies and other issues.

Despite Hanson using it to self-medicate against coronavirus, a major study has concluded that the drug does nothing against Covid-19.

Fringe groups, conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers have been claiming the de-worming medicine is a wonder drug in combating Covid-19, despite offering up little evidence to support that allegation.

The study's co-author, Craig Rayner, said: "We found that treatment with ivermectin did not reduce the need for medical admissions to hospital settings for Covid-19 patients.

"We examined it from multiple angles, multiple sub-group analyses, and ultimately, there is no suggestion of important clinical efficacy from ivermectin on Covid-19."

Featured Image Credit: jfish92 (Creative Commons). Science Photo Library / Alamy Stock Photo.

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