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People Are Horrified At Watching A Caver Squeeze Through A Tiny Hole

People Are Horrified At Watching A Caver Squeeze Through A Tiny Hole

Ethan warned people not to try this if they're out in nature and revealed what was inside the cavern.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A video of a caver squeezing through a tiny hole in the earth has gone viral. Check it out here:

If you're claustrophobic then you should probably turn away now because the video has given many people the heebie jeebies.

Ethan posted an educational clip on his TikTok account showing how he managed to get his entire body (including his head) into a tight gap.

The opening looks barely big enough to get a soccer ball through, let alone a human body, however the experienced caver managed to do it.

He admitted that he had to exhale completely to ensure his chest could fit through the hole.

The clip went absolutely viral on social media and has racked up nearly 27 million views on TikTok alone.

Safe to say, people were very uncomfortable seeing him slip through the literal crack.

One person wrote: "This stressed me out to even watch."

Another added: "There is no amount of money you could ever pay me to do this."

A third said: "I can't even watch. Went straight to the comments to say it's a no from me."

He's since uploaded another video to explain a little bit about what he was doing that day and why on God's green earth anyone would want to do that.

Ethan said he's been caving for four years and even had to caveat in his original video for people not to try this if they stumble across a similar opening because that can be very dangerous.

He revealed there were two other openings to the cavern that were much larger, however he wanted to test his limits and found the experience pretty fun.

The bloke posted a series of photos inside the cave, which showed it was much roomier than the tiny entrance.

The caver was part of a training day for like-minded people to learn more about how to extract someone who might have been trapped or injured underground.

He stressed that people should only try to do these things if they're experienced and have a buddy to help them if they run into any problems.

Featured Image Credit: stickfigureboy99/TikTok

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