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People Have Created Snickles And The Internet Is Seriously Divided


People Have Created Snickles And The Internet Is Seriously Divided

There are loads of food hacks and cool recipes that can be found on the internet.

Some range from the mild to the absolutely wild and the latest craze to take over TikTok certainly sits in the latter category.

People are strangely cutting pickles in half, scooping out the inside and chucking in Snickers bars to have a sweet and savoury snack. As such, it's called the Snickle.

Who would possess someone to combine these two together is anyone's guess but apparently it's bloody delicious if social media users are anything to go by.


You'll need to find yourself a pretty decent sized pickle for this bad boy to work, otherwise you're going to have a terrible sweet to savoury ratio.

The concoction has well and truly divided the internet, with some people raving about it and others wishing it would die already.

One person on Reddit wrote: "I unironically enjoySnickles. The sweet and salty combination is great. One day I'm gonna deep fry it and see how it goes."


Another hit back saying: "In theory it should work if you balance the pickle out. You have the acidity and sour from the pickle, the sweet and savoury of the chocolate and nougat. Saltiness from the peanuts and caramel. We're just missing fat though but it has all the flavour profiles of umami."

A third person said: "The fact that this exists tells me there is at least one in this world, and that is one too many."

It seems pretty easy to make at home and some people have even offered ways of deep frying it, which would take it to a whole different level.

If you're game for it, just buy yourself a pickle, some Snickers bars (full or fun size) and start working it. You could be very surprised at what your taste buds like.

Featured Image Credit: u/Punky-LookingKiddo/Reddit

Topics: Food, News, Weird

Stewart Perrie
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