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15,000 People Are Planning To Go To Engadine McDonald's If Scott Morrison Loses The Election

15,000 People Are Planning To Go To Engadine McDonald's If Scott Morrison Loses The Election

People are urged to bring their finest Hawaiian shirt and celebrate 'the end of one of the most inept government’s in Australian history'.

There's less than six weeks before Aussies head to the polls to decide who they want to lead the country for the next four years.

There's no doubt the next month an a half will drag ever so slowly as each day brings with it election promises, gaffes, awkward press conferences and loads of photo ops.

While many will be looking forward to a democracy sausage on May 21, there is a growing group of people who will be looking to do something else on election day.

A Facebook event has been started that encourages people to head to Engadine McDonald's if Scott Morrison loses the election.

REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

The event is listed for election day and there are already nearly 3,000 people attending the event. A further 12,800 are interested in going.

"A celebration of the end of one of the most inept government’s in Australian history. Come in your finest Hawaiian shirt," the event organiser wrote.

If you're not entirely sure why a McDonald's in Sydney's south would be the focal point for anti-Scott Morrison sentiments then let us break it down for you.

There has been rampant speculation for years that the Prime Minister of Australia pooed himself in 1997 at Engadine McDonald's after the Cronulla Sharks lost the Super League Grand Final.

According to Sky News Australia, the rumour was started back in 2018 when Mr Morrison became the leader of Australia following a leadership spill.

The allegation was the work of rapper Joyride, who wrote a tweet on the same night Mr Morrison took over Canberra.


The music artist said he heard from someone who worked at the Engadine Macca's that night who told him the PM couldn't hold it in and shat his dacks.

It's an idea that has been whispered ever since and someone even erected a plaque outside the Engadine McDonald's to honour the disputed moment.

Mr Morrison has publicly distanced himself from the rumour and said it never happened.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O, the Prime Minister said: "Can I clear up one thing from ages ago? It is the biggest urban myth ever, it is complete and utter rubbish.

"I found the whole thing incredibly amusing, I always joke about it amongst our team here as we've driven past it on occasions and I say 'do you want to pop-in for a Big Mac'.

"It is absolute and total rubbish. Some of the funniest yarns are the ones that aren't true and I think that's one of them."

Despite this admission, tens of thousands of people will be hoping Mr Morrison loses on May 21 so they can go to Engadine Macca's and honour the rumour.

Featured Image Credit: Valeria Ferraro/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire. Google Maps

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