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Perth Zoo Set To Get Rid Of All Elephants After Matriarch Tricia Died Of Old Age

Perth Zoo Set To Get Rid Of All Elephants After Matriarch Tricia Died Of Old Age

Tricia was one of the oldest elephants in the world and her death has devastated the zoo.

Perth Zoo is mourning the loss of their elephant matriarch, Tricia, after the majestic animal died.

The animal facility has released a statement confirming the Tricia died at the age of 65.

Perth Zoo wrote on Facebook: "It’s with a heavy heart that we announce our beloved Asian Elephant, Tricia, has passed away.

"At 65-years-old, Tricia was one of the oldest elephants in the world, and while we knew the time to say goodbye was approaching, it’s still heart breaking.

"Tricia passed away peacefully tonight, surrounded by her loving and dedicated zoo keepers, some of whom have looked after her for decades.

"She was cheeky and loved sneaking up on people when she was out walking around the Zoo, and had everyone wrapped around her trunk!

"Tricia was an icon of Western Australia and her impact on the millions of people who visited her over the years will certainly not be forgotten.

"Since her arrival at Perth Zoo in 1963, she has helped generations develop an appreciation for elephants and wildlife conservation."

The zoo has asked that people who want to send flowers to the facility as a tribute should instead donate to the Tricia Tribute to Conservation Fund.

Perth Zoo says this donation will allow them to 'continue our vital conservation work and protect elephants in the wild'.

"We hope to build an elephant guard post in the Bukit Tigapuluh eco-system, in Tricia’s name.

Perth Zoo

"This will provide accommodation for rangers who work 24/7 to protect one of the last remaining herds of wild Sumatran Elephants. Together, we can create a lasting legacy.

"This is a sad time for the Zoo family, but your love and support is greatly appreciated."

The West Australian reports Perth Zoo will likely now get rid of all of their elephants in the wake of Tricia's passing.

There have been plans in place for a while to move the rest of the elephant herd as Perth Zoo wasn't large enough to accomodate them all safely.

A spokesperson for the Zoo told the WA newspaper that the animals won't be moved out immediately.

“The two other Perth Zoo elephants...won’t be rushed into their new forever homes, with the zoo prioritising finding the perfect place for them in all respects – including matching them with their most natural herd society environment,” the spokesperson revealed.

Featured Image Credit: Perth Zoo

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