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Prepare Yourselves Because Popcorn Flavour Maltesers Have Hit Stores


Prepare Yourselves Because Popcorn Flavour Maltesers Have Hit Stores

There's something incredibly hedonistic about the world of cinema snacks.

A giant tub of popcorn polished off before the film has even started? Fine.

Leftover takeaway you brought from home and smuggled in at the bottom of your handbag? Less fine, but hey, we're all in the dark.

In the oeuvre of cinema treats, there isn't much better than the combo of movie popcorn and chocolate.


Putting a bag of chocolate into a nice, hot bucket of popcorn and letting it become a delicious salty, buttery, melty mess is an absolute delight and arguably one of the best parts of seeing a movie.

One of the god-tier chocs to choose for this experience is the Malteser.

I don't even like Maltesers ordinarily, but there's something about the way the malty interior and chocolate combine with popcorn that makes the perfect snack.


Maltesers have heard and seen us and they've delivered a movie-themed love child in the form of popcorn flavoured Maltesers.

lolostock / Alamy Stock Photo
lolostock / Alamy Stock Photo

First spotted by FoodFindsGeelong on Instagram, a quick Google tells me these aren't in stores yet, but seem to be on their way.

Some have reported finding the chocolate on the shelves of their local Woolies, but I haven't yet spotted them in stores near me.


According to @foodfindsgeelong, they smell and taste like popcorn favoured Jelly Belly jellybeans, which I actually hate, but maybe wrapped in chocolate they'll be deliciou.

studiomode / Alamy Stock Photo
studiomode / Alamy Stock Photo

The account is unsure on whether they actually like the chocolates, but they do say the more you eat the better it all tastes, so perfect for cinema binges then.

Would these combine well with popcorn to create some unholy merger of flavour?


Without trying them it's impossible to know for sure, but if you're a real hardcore popcorn lover then maybe this is the collaboration you've been waiting for.

Personally, I'm not convinced these will be salty enough for my taste, because I really err on the side of the more popcorn to chocolate ratio, but I'm still willing to take a chance to get that full movie snack experience in my home.

"These won't be for everyone though and we would have preferred a caramel popcorn flavour but still 6.5/10," said FoodFinds, and now I'm thinking about that I really want it.

Maybe this will be the beginning of a beautiful snack series.

Featured Image Credit: FoodFindsGeelong/Instagram

Topics: Food, News, Maltesers, Australia

Hannah Blackiston
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