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Scott Morrison Backs Push To Ban Trans Women From Female Sport

Scott Morrison Backs Push To Ban Trans Women From Female Sport

The Australian Prime Minister has thrown his support behind the movement growing in the US.

Scott Morrison has thrown his support behind the push to ban transgender women from female sport.

Several states in the US have opted to exclude women who have transitioned from being male from competing in female sports.

There is a concern that these trans women have an 'unfair' advantage over their competitors because they used to be male, even though there are fairly strict regulations in each sport to prevent such a disadvantage.

During an interview on 2GB Radio, the Australian Prime Minister was asked whether he backs the views held by Katherine Deves.


The Liberal candidate for Warringah has advocated against trans women from being allowed to compete in female sports and even set up the Save Women’s Sport lobby group.

Mr Morrison said: “She’s standing up for things she believes in. And I share her views on those topics and I think it’s important they’re raised.

“And it’s got nothing to do with the broader gender debates. This is just about common sense and what’s right.”

He was later asked about the topic on the New South Wales south coast and whether he would introduce a ban if his party wins the federal election when Aussies head to the polls on May 21.

“I think I conveyed my own personal view on these matters,” he said. “We will have more to say about that at another time. If I do, I will. We will deal with that another time.”

Mr Morrison is the second world leader in the past week to publicly speak about the hotly contested topic.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he does not believe 'biological males' should be allowed to compete in women's sport.

The debate over the inclusion of transgender athletes in sport has been brought into sharp focus in recent months due to the high-profile cases of American swimmer Lia Thomas and British cyclist Emily Bridges.

Johnson said: "I don't think biological males should be competing in female sporting events.

"Maybe that's a controversial thing to say, but it just seems to me to be sensible.

"I also happen to think that women should have spaces - whether it's in hospitals, prison or changing rooms - which are dedicated to women. That's as far as my thinking has developed on this issue.

"If that puts me in conflict with some others, then we have got to work it all out.

"It doesn't mean I'm not immensely sympathetic to people who want to change gender, to transition and it's vital we give people the maximum love and support in making those decisions.

"These are complex issues and they can't be solved with one swift, easy piece of legislation. It takes a lot of thought to get this right."

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