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Scott Morrison Held One Final Party At Kirribilli House After Being Booted As Prime Minister

Scott Morrison Held One Final Party At Kirribilli House After Being Booted As Prime Minister

The Morrisons busted out the margs and a stock whip at their last shindig at the Prime Minister's Sydney residence.

He may have lost the election, but Scott Morrison hasn't lost the party spirit.

In footage captured by 9News, the Morrisons were spotted hosting one last shindig at Kirribilli House in Sydney.

Kirribilli House is the Prime Minister's residence and overlooks Sydney Harbour.

The official Prime Minister's residence is The Lodge in Canberra, however Morrison chose to house his family in Sydney instead of the Aussie capital.

The recently ousted Prime Minister was enjoying his final day at Kirribilli while wife Jenny was seen coming out to the lawn with a tray of margaritas.

Jenny, waiting on guests.
Twitter/ 9NewsSyd.

The family then busted out a stock whip, with the former Prime Minister showing off his skills to guests. 

His wife Jenny and daughter Abbey were also spotted having a crack.

According to Nine reporter Mark Burrows, the last hurrah was 'a chance for the Morrisons to say thank you to their staff and families'.

Throughout the afternoon, the now ex-PM was seen drinking a beer and chatting to guests.

He and Jenny were also spotted in an intimate moment as the pair took in one of their final views of Sydney's dazzling harbour from the homestead.

The recently resigned Liberal leader could be seen draping his arm around his wife's shoulders and going in for a quick kiss.

Jenny had a margarita in hand, notable as the cocktail featured heavily in a pre-election puff piece for Nine's flagship current affairs programme 60 Minutes.

During the special, TV presenter Karl Stefanovic shared margaritas with the then-Prime Minister and his family.

ScoMo and Jenny.
Twitter/ 9NewsSyd.

He also chowed down on one of Morrison's highly publicised curries, while Morrison busted out the ukulele for a singalong, covering Dragon’s 'April in the Sun in Cuba'.

At the time, Morrison was seemingly aware of the links the Australian people would make between his cringey ukulele cover song and the fact he was on holiday in Hawaii as the nation suffered a bushfire crisis back in 2020.

Either way, the attempted portrayal of Morrison as a wholesome family man didn't pay off.

The sing-a-long was broadly panned by the public, who seemed unsure if they were being trolled by the then-Australian Prime Minister. 

Then, only a few short months later, the Australian public voted Morrison and the Liberal Party out of office on May 21.

Even Jen had a crack.
Twitter/ 9NewsSyd.

Morrison has since resigned as party leader, casting doubt on who will take the reins of the wounded party, with favourite Josh Frydenberg looking set to lose his seat in Kooyong to a teal independent.

After Saturday’s (May 21) election, Australia is now a sea of red, green, and teal, with Labor taking home enough seats to form a majority government.

The Greens snapped up four seats and the independents took home 10.

Five seats still remain in doubt as counting continues.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese is set to be sworn in as Australia's 31st Prime Minister on Monday (May 23).

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/9NewsSyd

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