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Scott Morrison Got Absolutely Roasted At The National Press Club

Scott Morrison Got Absolutely Roasted At The National Press Club

From being told he was a 'complete psycho' to being asked to say sorry for all his mistakes, the Prime Minister copped a battering.

Scott Morrison had a rough day at the National Press Club in Canberra yesterday (February 1).

The Prime Minister fronted the room full of journalists and politicians to give a speech as well as answer questions about his time in the top job.

And the reporters had a field day.

The Project's Peter van Onselen dived right in when he revealed he had leaked text messages allegedly sent between former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and another cabinet minister.

The former Premier is accused of described the PM as a 'horrible, horrible person', that she 'did not trust' him, and that he was 'more concerned with politics than people'. Savage.

REUTERS/Loren Elliott

The cabinet minister allegedly described Mr Morrison as a 'fraud', 'complete psycho', 'desperate' and 'jealous'.

At the National Press Club, the Prime Minister responded to the alleged texts by saying: "I don't know who you're referring to.

"Or the basis of what you've put to me. I obviously don't agree with it. And I don't think that's my record."

Ms Berejiklian has also come out to state that she has no recollection of sending those messages, which apparently were exchanged during the height of the Black Summer bushfires.

"I understand there has been some commentary today concerning myself and the PM. I have no recollection of such messages," she said in a statement.

"Let me reiterate my very strong support for Prime Minister Morrison and all he is doing for our nation during these very challenging times.

"I also strongly believe he is the best person to lead our nation for years to come."

But that wasn't the only other tidbit from the National Press Club visit that got people talking.


The ABC's Laura Tingle asked Scott Morrison if he wanted to 'take this opportunity to actually say sorry for the mistakes you've made as prime minister'.

He replied: "We're all terribly sorry for what this pandemic has done to the world and to this country."

People have pointed out how he said 'we' instead of 'I', and the Guardian notes how he 'shifted the apology from its intended subject' to 'something arguably outside his control'.

Ms Tingle asked him again if he was personally sorry for what has happened since the pandemic started and he was fairly blunt in his reply.

"I think I've explained my answer fairly fully," he said.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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