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Scott Morrison Says He’s ‘Punching Above His Weight’ With Wife Jenny

Scott Morrison Says He’s ‘Punching Above His Weight’ With Wife Jenny

​Australia’s Prime Minister has admitted his wife is out of his league.

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted his wife, Jenny, is out of his league.

The PM made the comments on the radio this week after Jenny Morrison was wheeled out as part of a 60 Minutes interview ahead of this year's Federal election.

The Channel 9 program dubbed the PM's wife his 'secret weapon' and questioned if she could help him turn around his fortunes and clinch a win after a spate of negative headlines.

Scott Morrison went on John Laws' radio program on 2SM this week, with Laws remarking: "What a lovely wife you've got."

The PM responded: "Mate, I've been punching above my weight for a long time. There's no doubt about that. I'm, I am blessed."

Laws concurred, saying Jenny is 'an absolute delight'.

Jenny and Scott Morrison with then President Trump in 2019.

Again, the PM agreed.

"Yeah," he said.

"Well, you know, she, she tells it pretty straight. She's always done that with me.

"She's strong and she's determined, but she's loving, caring and kind as well."

Laws suggested Jenny has been subject to 'bullying' following Sunday night's program and questioned whether she 'accepted' the state of affairs.

Scott Morrison drew on the idea of 'quiet Australians', suggesting that most people actually support Jenny, for which she is grateful.

"Taylor Swift, the haters are gonna hate, shake it off," Morrison said.

"That's Jenny's approach, and Jenny is very grateful.

"I was speaking with her earlier today, and you know, we speak all the time.

Jenny Morrison with Melania Trump.

"She's so grateful for the overwhelming messages of support that she's received, from people right across the country, the very people she was talking about, John, and I know who listen to your program, those who just quietly get about having, trying to have the best possible life.

"And that's what Jenny was talking about, and that's where her focus has always been, and mine.

"So she's just incredibly grateful for that. For the strong and overwhelming encouragement and kind messages that she received."

He noted that there's always going to be someone who has a crack at you in the public eye.

The PM later thanked veteran broadcaster Laws, and the wider public, for their kind words.

"Thank you all so kindly for for what you had to say about Jenny. I really appreciate that, both of us," he said.

"You're very blessed in your life to have a wonderful woman. And so, so have I been. So thank you very much."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9

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