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Scott Morrison Used His Prime Minister’s Jet To Address Christian Conference

Scott Morrison Used His Prime Minister’s Jet To Address Christian Conference

His office confirmed the 'usual transport' was followed 'as they are for any event the Prime Minister attends'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Scott Morrison's office (PMO) has confirmed he used a taxpayer funded jet to attend the Australian Christian Conference last week.

The leader's visit to the ACC 2021 on the Gold Coast has become quite polarising due to what he said to the dozens of people gathered.

However, social media was alight with criticism over whether he took the Prime Minister's jet to head from Sydney to Queensland.

Flight logs showed a Royal Australian Air Force jet flew to the Gold Coast in the afternoon of Tuesday (April 20) and came back to Sydney in the evening.

Mr Morrison's office didn't respond to LADbible's questions about the method of travel, hasn't posted the Prime Minister's speech at the conference, nor have they posted anything about it on social media.

However, ever since a video of the entire speech was uploaded to YouTube, the PMO has now issued a statement.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said: "The Prime Minister was invited to address Tuesday night's event the same as he attends many other stakeholder events, including for other religious groups such as the Copts, Maronites, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim.

"The usual transport and security protocols were followed as they are for any event the Prime Minister attends."

But the Prime minister's speech certainly didn't sound like something he would usually say at other faith meetings.

During his 23-minute address, Mr Morrison explained how his faith is helping him lead the country.

Mr Morrison explained that when he became Prime Minister, his pastor told him to 'use what God has put in your do what God has put in your heart'.

He even said he received a message from God just before Australia went to the polls.

Mr Morrison told the crowd: "I must admit I was saying to myself, 'You know, Lord, where are you, where are you? I'd like a reminder if that's okay.'"

"And there, right in front of me, was the biggest picture of a soaring eagle that I could imagine and of course the verse hit me.

"The message I got that day was, 'Scott, you've got to run to not grow weary, you've got to walk to not grow faint, you've got to spread your wings like an eagle to soar like an eagle.'"

But he also mentioned how he believes everyone needs to fulfil God's plan for them.


"We are called, all of us, for a time and for a season and God would have us use it wisely and for each day I get up and I move ahead there is just one little thing that's in my head and that is 'for such a time as this'," he said.

"I can't save the world, we both believe in someone who can. What you do and what you bring to the life and faith of our country is what it needs.

"It's so important that we continue to reach out and let every Australian know that they are important, that they are significant.

"Because we believe that they are created in the image of God."

Mr Morrison also touched on the importance of community, how Australia needs the church right now and how 'corrosive' identity politics is in the country.

He also mentioned that social media can be the work of the devil if we're not careful.

Featured Image Credit: Scott Morrison/Instagram

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