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Thousands Of Aussie Teachers Will Be Sacked Today Because They Haven't Received Covid-19 Booster

Thousands Of Aussie Teachers Will Be Sacked Today Because They Haven't Received Covid-19 Booster

The leftover coronavirus rule will add extra pressure to Victoria's struggling education system.

More than 2,500 teachers and education workers in Victoria are set to lose their jobs today (April 28) after failing to receive their third Covid-19 vaccination.

All education staff in Victoria were required to be vaccinated with three doses against coronavirus by April 28 or face the chop, unless a medical expedition could be provided.

The rule also applies to any visitors and volunteers working in the school system, but parents can access campuses without vaccination requirements.

The only other state to enforce such mandates is the Northern Territory.

Victoria is enforcing regulations that require all educators to be vaccinated.
Rafael Ben Ari / Alamy Stock Photo

As of December 2021, 1,300 public and 1,300 private school teachers were yet to meet the vaccine requirement, according to Red Union.

The figures were revealed during a court hearing for a teacher, according to the Herald Sun.

"Although some were vaccinated over the holidays, the fact that there is now a requirement for three shots means more teachers are now not meeting the mandate," a Red Union spokesperson said.

"There is no justification for these booster mandates in school settings. We’ve seen the worst of Omicron in this state and there continue to be ongoing staff shortages.

"There is no evidence that staff having a third booster will make any difference."

School principals have also expressed concern over staffing shortages.

President of the Victorian Principals’ Association Andrew Dalgleish said schools 'had no option but to move on sadly without these teachers'.

One state school teacher, who chose to remain anonymous, told the Herald Sun she has been teaching VCE for more than two decades.

She said she was 'devastated' that her employment would be terminated over the vaccine, adding: “My job is everything and I have so many emotions."

Teachers who haven't been fully vaccinated will now be sacked.
Bernadetta Sarat / Alamy Stock Photo

The teacher explained she had elected not to have further doses of the coronavirus vaccine after her first bout triggered a bad reaction.

She added that she was not able to obtain a medical exemption beyond four weeks.

Today's teacher exodus comes after Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews revealed last week that the mandate for educators would remain in place, despite other Covid-19 mandates being eased across the state.

Victoria's broader vaccine rules ended in Victoria at 11.59pm on Friday (April 22).

Easing the regulations meant Victorians were no longer required to be vaccinated to enter restaurants, gyms, bars, cinemas and other venues.

The Department of Education confirmed to the Herald Sun that 99.2 per cent of Victoria's government teachers have received the full three doses of the Coronavirus vaccine.

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