Tom Daley Shows Off Knitted Olympic Sweater He Made During Tokyo Games


Tom Daley Shows Off Knitted Olympic Sweater He Made During Tokyo Games

Tom Daley has showed off the hard work he's been putting in outside the Olympic diving pool at the Tokyo Olympics.

The gold medallist went viral last week when pictures showed him knitting in the stands, which he says has helped him manage stress levels during the massive sporting event.

The British diver has now revealed one of his biggest pieces is ready to show off and it's absolutely glorious.


Daley posted a series of images to his knitting and crochet Instagram account that boasts more than 100,000 followers.

He has managed to create a Tokyo Olympic Games cardigan and he's super proud of it.

"When I got to Tokyo, I wanted to make something that would remind me of the Olympics to look back on in the future," he said. "I designed a pattern for the colour work that would signify everything about these games!


"On the back I went for a classic @teamgb logo, the shoulders have a flag and GBR on them. For the front I wanted to keep it simple and I tried my best to embroider TOKYO in Japanese!"

The 27-year-old, who won gold in the synchronised 10 metres platform last week, has been cheering on his teammates from the stands while he gets stuck into other knitting projects.

He's made a little white pouch for his new medal and even knitted a colourful sweater for his dog.

People went wild for the images showing him casually knitting at the Olympics and the photos quickly went viral on social media.


Loads of users related to the calming hobby and revealed how it has helped them deal with stress in the past.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

One person wrote: "Very calming. My grandad was a mine sweeper in the Navy during World War II. All the Navy men knitted to calm their nerves."

Another added: "I knew a guy who was afraid of flying; so whenever he had to take a plane he'd take his knitting kit to occupy his mind during the flight."


A third said: "Great idea, it's an ace way to bridge waiting times, it's relaxing and productive, more people and esp. men should take it up."

Tom Daley has mentioned in the past how knitting has been important to his Olympics routine.

He said 'knitting, crochet, and all things stitching' kept him 'sane throughout this whole process' of training and competing for the Tokyo Games.

Featured Image Credit: Tom Daley/Instagram

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