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Russian OnlyFans Models Have Been Restricted From Accessing Their Money

Russian OnlyFans Models Have Been Restricted From Accessing Their Money

Content creators are furious as some feel like they're being penalised for a war they don't support.

Charisa Bossinakis

Charisa Bossinakis

In light of Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, OnlyFans has reportedly restricted Russian users from getting paid.

According to Rolling Stone, Russian content creators have been left without access to the money they've generated on their accounts due to the invasion in Ukraine.

The outlet reported that when some users with an account registered with the Russian Federation tried to access their money, an 'error' message reportedly popped up.

The online platform told the Daily Beast: "Any available balances will remain secure and pending until such time that they may be withdrawn again.


"While creators are not responsible for the recent attacks on Ukraine, due to worldwide financial restrictions we have very limited methods to pay Creator accounts linked to Russia and Belarus."

As a result of the escalating situations, OnlyFans said 'payments have been limited' until they can sort out a new system or when economic sanctions are eased.

It added that 'new subscriptions will not be accepted and current subscriptions will not renew once they have expired'.

Content creators have taken to social media to complain about the restricted access.

A user going by the name kanra_cosplay appeared distressed when she saw the warning message and said she won't be able to live without her OnlyFans money.

Another creator called _Black_way_ said she is being penalised for a war that she doesn't support.

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has also jumped in to limit the spread of some accounts on their platform.

Meta's President of Global Affairs and Communications Nick Clegg took to Twitter yesterday (February 27) and wrote: "We have been in contact with the Government of Ukraine, and at their request we have also restricted access to several accounts in Ukraine, including those belonging to some Russian state media organizations."

nick clegg
nick clegg

"We are also reviewing other government requests to restrict Russian state-controlled media."

Meta is also looking to Russian and Ukraine translators to ensure no misinformation or graphic content will disseminate via their platform.

The company stated: "We have teams of native Russian and Ukrainian content reviewers to help us review potentially violating content.

"We're also using technology to help us scale the work of our content review teams and to prioritise what content those teams should be spending their time on, so we can take down more violating content before it goes viral."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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