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Video Showing The Evolution Of Humanoid Robots Over The Last 11 Years Is Incredible

Rachel Lang

| Last updated 

Video Showing The Evolution Of Humanoid Robots Over The Last 11 Years Is Incredible

A wild video is doing the rounds on social media that shows just how far humanoid-type robots have come in the last decade.

The clip posted onto Reddit kicks off in 2009 and shows a robot cautiously doing a decent job of walking in a straight line while it's hooked up to loads of cables.

The test shows how the robot is able to stabilise itself as a technician tries to push it over.

Back in 2009, that was pretty impressive. However, fast-forward a couple of years and it's unbelievable to see how much has changed.


The video ends with a shot from 2020, where three Boston Dynamics robots are able to shake their thing in time to music.

Their relaxed and effortless movements are a far-cry away from the clunky and, well, robotic movements of its predecessor in 2009.

While many people are amazed by the compilation, others are concerned about how fast technology is moving.


One Reddit user said: "Anytime I see clips like this I instantly think 'we're all gonna die'."

A second chimed in with: "Looks cute, might kill people later."

A third person user had a pretty valid point: "Stop pushing over the robots. Do you want a robot uprising? Because that is how you get it."

It doesn't matter if you find the evolution of humanoid robots alarming or captivating - because they are in our future either way.


In a recent interview with TED, Tesla founder Elon Musk explained how humanoid assistant home robots will be the next big thing.

"People have no idea, this is going to be bigger than the car," Musk said.

According to the tech billionaire, we can expect humanoid robots to be a part of our everyday lives by 2050.

But Musk reckons the key stumbling block between now and you having your own robo-butler is the development of artificial intelligence.


"The things that are currently missing are enough intelligence for the robot to navigate the real world and do useful things without being explicitly instructed," Musk revealed during the chat with TED.

"Those are two things that Tesla is very good at, and so then we basically just need to design the specialised actuators and sensors that are needed for a humanoid robot."

Oh, and the conversation of course turned to the sexual implications of having a humanoid robot.


"It's probably inevitable," Musk said after being asked by the fellas at TED if robots could ever become sex partners for flesh-and-blood humans.

"I mean, I did promise the internet that I'd make catgirls," he added. "We could make a robot catgirl."

So dim the lights and chuck on a Barry White record, because sex bots are coming too.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit. YouTube/Boston Dynamics.

Topics: Elon Musk, Viral, Technology, News

Rachel Lang
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